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Megan Moonlight
23 May 2016 @ 08:01 pm
smallfandomfest, ROUND 19

is open for claiming prompts! You can find the main post *HERE*!

There are lots of prompts and fandoms, lots of ships and characters to choose from, so join the fun! :D
Hopefully I'll be able to write a fic or two and make some icons for a couple of fandoms.

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Megan Moonlight
11 April 2016 @ 08:03 pm
Rectober 2015: Day 12 - Weres and Shapeshifters!

Here is a fun category. I didn't make compiling this list easy for myself and in case of fics I tried to avoid fandoms in which werewolves exist, unless it included a non-werecreature being a werecreature (so, yeah, there is only one Teen Wolf fic *lol*). Here is a list of fics I have a soft spot for and a couple of other fanworks (but I focused on fics). On the list there are 22 fics, 5+ fanart and 5 fanmixes, for 15 fandoms in total.

Recs Shapeshifters

Battle Creek (1)Collapse )

Blade/Fast Five (1)Collapse )

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1)Collapse )

Dragon Age (1)Collapse )

Lewis (1)Collapse )

The Losers (1)Collapse )

The Losers/Blade (1)Collapse )

Marvel Cinematic Universe (5)Collapse )

Pacific Rim (3)Collapse )

Sherlock (1)Collapse )

Supernatural (1)Collapse )

Star Trek (AOS, TOS) (2)Collapse )

Teen Wolf (1)Collapse )

Torchwood (1)Collapse )

White Collar (1)Collapse )

Fanart (5+)Collapse )

Fanmix (5)Collapse )

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Megan Moonlight
15 March 2016 @ 08:09 pm
Rectober 2015: Day 11 - I Will Go Down With This Ship

I have a lot of favourite ships, but not as many OTPs, which is why I wanted to focus on OTPs a bit. The one I chose is the biggest and the most popular of all my OTPs (I guess?), and I decided to share links to some of my current favourite fics about them. Different genres and ratings, canon compliant and AUs, short and long, older and newer - there were a lot to choose from. I tried to pick those I haven't recommended before. Enjoy!

Recs Favourite Ship

Fics (15)Collapse )

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Megan Moonlight
03 March 2016 @ 08:41 pm
Rectober 2015: Day 10 - Favourite AU Ever

This AU may not be very popular, but I love it to pieces. It's about books and libraries and generally things I enjoy myself. I usually read all of them even if I don't know the fandoms. Which is why I decided to share some of my favourite fic, 15 fics for 6 fandoms.

Recs Favourite AU Ever

Fics (15)Collapse )

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Megan Moonlight
Title: Don't Fear
Author: megan_moonlight
Date of Posting: February 24th, 2016
Rating: PG
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Characters/Pairings: female!Cousland/female!Amell, Zevran Arainai (mentioned), Sten (mentioned)
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. I make no money from this.
Summary: Elissa and Solona get separated from the rest of their team and try to find their way out of the tunnels.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Beta: lil_1337
Author's Notes: Written for Femslash February, for a prompt generated by Dragon Age Random Pairing & Prompt Generator:
Mentioned at: At AO3 *HERE*

Don"t Fear - Behind the CutCollapse )

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Megan Moonlight
Here is my entry for selenic76's February Fandom Fest!

Fandom is very important to me. Thanks to my fandoms I met all of you, amazing people, I have a chance to share my love for things I like, read about things I love and write about things that interest me. Fandom inspires me to read more, to write, to create, and it's a really amazing feeling.

I can talk about my favourite shows, movies, comic books, games and books with people who love them to. All my pairings and OTPs make me incredibly happy, and so do all the amazing friendships and characters.

Which is why I decided to mention fandoms that make me happy, those in which I'm most active at the moment, and those that currently inspire me the most (with pictures of some things I like most about each fandom!):

5 (CURRENT) FAVOURITE FANDOMS - Behind the CutCollapse )

Click the picture for more information!

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Megan Moonlight
Title: A Moment Worth Remembering
Author: megan_moonlight
Date of Posting: February 18th, 2016
Rating: G
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters/Pairings: Lady Sif/Darcy Lewis, Clint Barton, Thor, Tony Stark (mentioned)
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. I make no money from this.
Summary: During one of Tony's parties Darcy talks to Clint and she accidentaly punches someone in the face.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Beta: lil_1337
Author's Notes: Written for Femslash February, to an awesome meet!ugly prompt: “You punched me in the face while gesticulating wildly to a friend” AU, which I found *HERE*.
While it's not exactly what the prompt says and it's not technically a "first meeting," I just couldn't get the idea of Sif/Darcy in this setting out of my head. And this is how this fic happened. Also, I love Darcy and Clint's friendship.
Mentioned at: At AO3 *HERE*

A Moment Worth Remembering - Behind the CutCollapse )

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Megan Moonlight
Thanks to everyone who helped me with themes!

Here are 50 icons of my favourite femslash pairings from numerous TV SERIES. There were so many to choose from, but in the end I managed :) It's sort of a follow up to my post with 50 Icons of Female Characters I did a while ago.

FANDOMS: (43) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Andromeda, Arrow, Babylon 5, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Community, Criminal Minds, Cuffs, Eureka, The Flash, The Fosters, Grace and Frankie, Grey's Anatomy, Grimm, Hannibal, How to Get Away with Murder, In the Flesh, Jessica Jones, The Librarians, Merlin, Minority Report, Orange is the New Black, Parks & Recreation, Person of Interest, Primeval: New World, Queer as Folk, Sanctuary, Sense8, Sherlock, Spartacus, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, Stragate: Atlantis, Stargate: Universe, Suits, Torchwood, The Walking Dead, Warehouse 13, Whitechapel, The X-Files, Xena: Warrior Princess

Teaser 1 Teaser 2 Teaser 3

50 icons - Behind the CutCollapse )

- DO NOT HOTLINK - upload them on your own server!
- Credit is always welcome! Do not claim as your own, please.
- Have fun!
- Mentioned at:

Textures for "Happy End" by lemonrocket at lemonstudio; for "Inside" by mm3butterfly at encorevous; for "Moonlight" by naginis at lonelyfeel; for "Texture" by blue_emotion at thatgoldenrule

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Megan Moonlight
04 February 2016 @ 08:07 pm
Rectober 2015: Day 9 - My Current Happy Place

I guess we all have a fandom that is our happy place - the one that always manages to cheer you up, the that has the best fics, the one where you read the largest number of fics or just the one that you feel emotional connection to. Here is my choice, the one that currently makes me the most happy. 30 fics and 35 pieces of fanart, because there were SO many good ones to choose from.

Recs My Current Happy Place

Fics (30)Collapse )

Fanart (35)Collapse )

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Megan Moonlight
Title: Pixie
Author: megan_moonlight
Date of Posting: January 12th, 2016
Rating: G
Fandom: Breakfast with Scot
Characters/Pairings: Sam Miller/Eric McNally, Scot Latour, Carla, Joey, Ryan
Disclaimer: All the characters © Michael Downing/Paul Brown/Howard Rosenman/Nadine Schiff. I make no money from this.
Summary: One day Scot, Carla, Joey and Ryan brought home a puppy. Sam and Eric had no idea how to react to that.
Spoilers: -
Warnings: -
Beta: lil_1337
Author's Notes: Written for smallfandomfest Round 18 for the prompt Eric/Sam & Scot, "Scot gets a pet."
The fic is dedicated to lil_1337.
Mentioned at: smallfandomfest, at AO3 *HERE*

Pixie - Behind the CutCollapse )

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