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Megan Moonlight
(A letter for Every Woman Exchange 2018)

Hello, Dear Author,

I'm Megan. Thanks for participating in the exchange! For each of the characters/fandoms I've chasen I'll provide some vague prompt ideas, but feel free to come up with your own, of course.

Here is a list of my general likes and dislikes:

LIKES: Fluff, hurt/comfort, humour, action/adventure, friendships, found families, fics about asexuality/asexual characters, AUs (especially library/bookshop!AU, flower shop!AU, werewolf!AU, space!AU), and happy endings (as you see, I'm a vanilla person).
My favourite tropes for ship!fics are: first time, get together, fake relationships becoming real, misunderstandings, banter, meeting the family, and curtain!fics.
I like shipping fics, but I also love a good friendship!fics/gen. I'm okay with all the ratings you choose to write, too.

DISLIKES: Rape/non-con, genderbend, slave!fic, A/B/O, kid!fics, character/ship bashing, incest, underage, abusive relationships presented as romantic, infidelity, harming/death of animals (including hunting etc.), heavy angst without happy ending, graphic torture, unrequited love, de-aging, ageplay, historical AUs, major character death/death!fic, break up!fic, amnesia!fic.

Other details:

Dragon Age (Video Games)Collapse )

Harry PotterCollapse )

Sense8Collapse )

Star Trek: DiscoveryCollapse )

Star Trek: The Original SeriesCollapse )

CrossoversCollapse )

I hope you'll find this letter helpful, and that you'll enjoy writing the fic. Thanks again for signing up!

*Mood*: okayokay