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09 March 2011 @ 08:11 pm
FIC: Taking the Plunge, PG-13; Part 1/2  
Title: Taking the Plunge
Author: megan_moonlight
Date of Posting: March 9th, 2011
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Stargate: Universe
Characters/Pairings: Rush/Young, Rush/Wray (friendship), Young/TJ (friendship)
Disclaimer: All the characters © Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper
Summary: It was dangerous, but aso everything he needed.
Spoilers: -
Warnings: -
Beta: jean_iris
Author's Notes: Sequel to "Taking Risks" Second part of gift for my Commander, nanuk_dain, who wanted a sequel. And based on her manip "Together"
It took more than I expected, but I really tried my best. And this s my first try in writing a sequel, so pleae, don't be too hard on me? Also this is a first time when I post a fanfic in more than one post. Yay for me writing multi-chapters, I guess XDD Anyway, Rush/Young totally needs more love. And Camile deserves more appreciation <3
I really, really hope you'll like it, Commander! *cuddles* I expect a long comment, because I really hope I haven't ruined anything... I'm scared, very, very scared right now...
Also, thanks to my wonderful beta! :*
Mentioned at: young_rush, sgufic, sgu_destiny

*Taking the Plunge*

This whole thing was… overwhelming, if Everett Young could put it that way. It was the only adjective that could at least a little describe how he felt about his still new, more than professional relationship with Nicholas Rush.

He was sitting in his office, and he should be working on the reports from the last couple of missions, but instead he was sitting at his desk, playing with a pen and looking at the dark ceiling. It was a couple of hours past midnight. There was no point in checking, his shift had finished a long time ago, but he decided to stay longer to catch up on all the paperwork he had been avoiding regularly for the past two weeks. It was because now he had more enjoyable things to do than to spend his free time filling out various kinds of forms and reports. He started putting them for later. Their new missions weren’t too hard, so it never took much paperwork to deal with them, but now Young realized that leaving most of them for later wasn’t a smart idea, now Young knew that. It was hard to admit that he had let himself neglect work in such way.

It wasn’t hard, however, to blame it all on Rush. For the whole time the man seemed to be working harder than him: leaving earlier, getting back to his quarters a couple of hours after finishing his “calculations time”, as Eli liked to call it. He kept all his notes and notebooks close, just in case, and it was hard to catch up with him when he was wrapped up in equations and calculations. But it wasn’t anything new. What still surprised Young was the fact that even with all the time he dedicated to his work, Rush always managed to have some time off, stay relaxed and keep up his appearances. Young admired that, and Rush knew it, too, and probably that was why he always managed to talk Young into taking some time to relax, or even get him to work, when Young assumed the scientist felt the need to work. At first it was terribly irritating , but Young had never commented on it, so it was probably his own fault that the other man could talk him into anything he wanted to. He never resisted too much, he finally admitted that to himself and well, most of the time it turned out that Rush had been absolutely right and Young needed more rest. Actually, both of them needed it, especially since they had some tiresome tasks and obligations.

It still surprised him how Rush always knew exactly what to say, how good he was with words, not only when it came to talking to him. Young noticed people started to listen to Rush carefully, even if most of them resisted at first. The people of Destiny got used to talking to Rush, and even if not everybody completely believed him yet and there were some doubts, people usually listened. It wasn’t surprising that after all the time he had spent on the ship he learnt how to talk with various people and it was an ability useful in a lot of situations, but it still amazed him in a way. Also, before he and Rush got together he would have never believed the scientist’s skills in this particular area could ever be directed at him in a more private way. He wasn’t able to complain about that, because it would be a lie and Rush wouldn’t ever believe him. After all, he was like an open book to the other man, and this thought… this thought was still disturbing and it was hard to reconcile himself to it.

And now he was sitting and thinking that the next addictive thing about Nicholas Rush was not so much his way with words, but rather the way he talked with Young when they were alone. It wasn’t hard to see that Rush had finally opened himself to him. He was kind of proud he was the reason, or at least part of the reason the scientist had changed and trusted him more with the personal more individual, and private side of their relationship.

“I have Rush’s newest report for you about the ‘gate.”

He blinked a couple of times and found himself looking at Camile Wray, who was leaning against the wall, holding a folder of papers in one hand. One raised eyebrow and a slight smile on her face made him roll his eyes.

“Thank you, Camile,” he replied, smiling at her as she handed him the folder and returned his smile. He felt a lot better knowing that she had started to actually talk to him after the events from the last time about the equipment accidents. They hadn’t spend much time together “bonding”, as Eli liked to put it, but he indeed felt like there were shades of understanding between them when it came to safety of people on Destiny.

“You know,” she started, a moment after when he opened the folder and looked at the first sheet of paper, “…why can’t he give you them himself when you visit him? It would save a lot of time, you know. Mine and yours,” she finished and Young opened his mouth slightly, shocked, but mostly wondering how she had managed to find out. If she had found out. He wasn’t going to give anything away just in case his assumptions were wrong, but…

“What do you mean?”

“Listen,” she sighed. “For somebody who is completely oblivious or doesn’t care, everything is just as it always was, but there are people who actually care, you know. Want to know how you are, if everything is okay…”

“Camile, I still don’t understand…”

“You spend more time with him, you keep looking at each other, talk more and even when you fight the tone of voice you both use shows that you care. When he’s trying to explain something you stand closer to him than you usually would. Don’t make me keep going. You know there is more,” she said and sat on the chair on the other side of the desk. A soft, reassuring smile appeared on her face and this sympathetic expression made Young exhale slowly and he decided it would be better to focus on the files laying in front of him. He was aware of Camile looking at him. It was weird to talk about it with anybody, since it was the first time anybody acknowledged his and Rush’s relationship in the five months of it lasting.

He had hoped it’d take longer, that he could hide it for a little more, hoped that nobody would notice. They made sure of that, were careful about everything, but obviously it was naïve to hope people would just pretend they didn’t know and wouldn’t talk about it, especially somebody like Camile Wray.
Camile’s and his working relationship had never been easy and there were still misunderstandings and differences of opinions between them, but at a moment like that one, her interest in his life wasn’t… unwelcome. A part of him felt a little relieved that somebody knew and wasn’t trying to use the information , and it was a good feeling. It wasn’t easy to get used to the feeling of anybody knowing, but before anything started, he was prepared for everything, kept thinking about it. Now, when obviously Camile had found out he had to do something. Not saying anything was one of the options, he could still pretend he didn’t know what she was talking about and deny anything she had told him, but the sincere look on her face and the feeling that maybe… maybe it wouldn’t be bad to talk about it with somebody. But jumping in without thinking about the consequences was out of the question, so he decided to wait, not wanting to give anything away just yet. Not before he made sure his assumptions weren’t wrong.

Camile sighed.

“Do as you want,” she said finally, when he decided not to answer. ”I just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel right now. You’re not alone, if you’d ever like to talk. Right now everything may seem complicated for you, but I promise, it gets better with time. It feels like you’re lost now, am I right? You don’t know if talking to anybody might cause trouble for you and for Nicholas…”

Young swallowed quietly, his eyes not leaving the sheet of paper laying on his desk, forgotten now, since his mind was somewhere else at the moment. Listening to everything Camile said in a calm, quiet voice, Young was sure her eyes were focused directly on him for the whole time.

“… you will do whatever you want, I’m not going to pry. Just know that you and Nicholas are not alone in this. I understand what you’re going through,” she exhaled, and when Young was sure she was finished, he looked at her.

Camile stood up and when she was about to leave the room, Young sighed. “Camile, you and your partner…”

She turned around slightly at Young’s words. “Yes, Sharon. We’ve been together for so long now…” she answered, smiling, probably at the thought of said Sharon. “It was hard at first, hiding, but believe me, it really does get better once you can talk to somebody.” She was ready to leave when Young called her again. She once again stopped, but without turning around this time.

“Thank you…” his voice was quiet, hoping she’d understand how important it was to him.

“You’re welcome,” she replied just as quietly and left the office.

Young kept looking at the door for a long time, long after Camile had left. He felt reassured by her words and really relieved, but on the other hand he hoped that not everybody was as observant as she was. Blinking a couple of times and once again thinking the last fifteen minutes over in his head, he closed the folder, put it in the drawer and left the office. Rush should be in his quarters already, if he wasn’t mistaken. He needed… contact and closeness.


He hoped they wouldn’t have any surprises for at least two weeks. He was exhausted, problems with the equipment weren’t helping and weird tremors of the ship lasting for two days now only managed to irritate everybody even more. The scientists were working on shifts night and day to find out the cause of the tremors, all the soldiers tried to keep civilians safe and calm. To keep everybody safe he informed the people that all of them could walk around the ship at least in pairs, never on their own to prevent from anything bad happening in case of next, harder tremors, until they find out what was happening with Destiny.

People seemed to be nervous and he wasn’t really surprised. It took Scott, Chloe, TJ and Camile some time to talk to everybody , calm them down when they needed it and not let the panic take over the ship. It was obvious people wouldn’t stop being tense if they didn’t get any answers, but all they could do was wait.

Young sighed and felt that a break from work for a while could be a good idea. When he got up he realized how hungry he really was and never noticed it when he was wrapped up in reports, so eating sounded good as well. He couldn’t even remember the last time he managed to eat an actual meal. He didn’t even remember. For some time he only had quick sandwiches, sometimes some fruit too and a lot of coffee, not always warm, as he would like, so a warm soup could probably make him feel better. He felt tired, but right now he didn’t want to cause anymore problems for TJ, who was already very busy without him adding anything to it. It was obvious she was tired, too, but still kept working, talking with people and helping them if they needed it and she must have had a lot of patience since she never really complained about anything, and it was one of her best qualities. She was simply amazing at her job.

Leaving the office, Young kept thinking he should do something to keep people safer, because obviously walking around in pairs wasn’t really any safer if anything exploded or fell off, but without any information about the ship’s status he couldn’t do anything. The tremors disappeared for a couple of hours now, so at least they all could stop holding their breath at least until the next time.
Mess hall was nearly empty so spotting Rush right away wasn’t hard. He was sitting all alone by the table next to the wall, in the corner of the room, reading and writing something and eating a sandwich at the same time. He was focused on the sheets of paper laying on his table, eyes never leaving them and Young was sure Rush was barely blinking. He took a sip from his cup, Young assumed it wasn’t his first cup of coffee, and got back to reading, while he was scribbling something on the paper from time to time.

Young felt hypnotized by the image in front of him. He forgot he was standing in the middle of the room, looking at the scientist, exhaling softly the breath he didn’t even remember holding, but it was okay. He didn’t mind too much.

“Anything new?” he asked stepping closer and taking place opposite to Rush’s.

“I’m not sure yet, Colonel,” the other man answered softly, not taking his eyes off the calculations.

When he closed his eyes for a moment and Young had a clear view of the man’s face, it was obvious how tired he really was even if he did quite a good job of hiding it. He barely stopped himself from yawning so Young just laid a hand in the centre of the sheet of paper, hoping it’ll make Rush stop looking at it or at least take a break. He wasn’t mistaken, the gesture made Rush look at him, one eyebrow raised and lips pressed into a thin line. Irritated , he was staring without blinking and Young knew that if he couldn’t let go, otherwise Rush would just get back to work and it wouldn’t do any good to him. Sometimes Young really wondered how Rush managed to always give everybody good advice, but never following it himself. It felt like a personal quest to make the scientist take a break once in a while.

“Eli can take care of it, you know,” he said, with his eyes still locked with Rush’s. “You keep working and I bet you haven’t slept in more than thirty six hours. You’re already exhausted. Doesn’t matter how good you are at hiding it, Rush.”

“I am not hiding anything, Colonel, nor am I trying to. I’m simply trying to find out what is really going on with Destiny, as soon as possible. I haven’t slept much for a couple of months now, as you may have noticed,” he added, his lips forming a slight smirk. Young rolled his eyes.

“But you’re not the only one who is working on it, you know. Everybody’s doing what they can and you’ll feel better if you rest,” he said when he saw the other man opening his mouth to interrupt him. “Listen to me at least this once, for a change, will you? I want you to go to bed and get some sleep, because you’ll be of no use if you’re tired. You keep telling me this, so how about following your own advice once in a while?”

Rush stared at him.

“Maybe…” he sighed, almost defeated. “But not today, I’m afraid. We’re so close already… something is missing, but I feel if we will follow this train of thought Eli suggested at the beginning, this picture might become clearer.”

“You won’t see any picture if you fall asleep, you know. ”

Rush once again raised one eyebrow but this time he also smiled a little and Young felt himself mirroring the smile, thankful that they were the only ones present in the room, because it was hard to resist looking into Rush’s eyes. The scientist rarely smiled, a little more since they got together, but still not enough if anybody asked Young, so every time it happened, it should be appreciated.
“Very well, then. I will be in my quarters if you need me,” he left the room, small smile still visible on his face and Young chuckled when the other man disappeared behind the now closed door.


He joined Rush as soon as he finished sorting out all the orders and the new reports from the scientists. It was the second night in a row that they spent together. Young had stopped being obsessively careful about being seen, just as Camile said, even if he was still a little… scared, the sense of more freedom made him feel a little better, but some habits were hard to break, especially if they never changed since he had started to spent time with Rush. He still couldn’t help but occasionally turn his head around a few times, checking the corridor before he entered the room.

Rush was once again laying on the bed, fully clothed, reading a book. When he saw Young his face lit up a little as he got up from the bed. Young returned the smile and took off his jacket. He was about to take off his t-shirt, too, when he felt his partner’s arms sneaking around his waist, warming up all the skin he could find under the shirt with teasing touches. Who was he to say no to that? He helped Rush take off the rest of his clothes and soon they were both laying on the bed, the scientist’s warm hands were on his shoulders, neck, back and landed on the neck again as Young bit, licked and kissed other man’s shoulder blades and chest, heading south down his stomach. As the scientist took hold of his neck and his other hand made its way to Young’s head, burying the fingers in his hair, Young couldn’t fight the urge to smile. Rush’s quiet moans and curses only encouraged him to keep working his way down the body beneath him.

It was going to be a satisfying night.


The next morning he left the room later than he expected and he hoped nobody had been searching for him while he’d been having a hard time leaving the arm bed and soft pillow that smelled like Rush. It definitely would’ve been hard to explain his presence there. Fortunately the corridor was empty, surprisingly so, and he headed right away to his room to change and get to work, since he was sure Rush had been up for a couple of hours at least. He also knew he was smiling and bothering to hide it would be just a waste of time. And the fact that everything seemed to be quiet, peaceful and easy for a couple of days helped his mood improve, too.

Rush seemed as always calm and distant when working, still spending more time on finding out anything about the tremors than he had to, since they seemed to disappear as fast as they appeared, without any warnings. People were calming down when they were informed that everything is finally under control. Or at least he hoped so, that’s why he let Scott tell everybody that they were still working to make sure nothing else would happen. Camile along with Chloe still managed to talk to people, telling them they were all safe when somebody started to panic. Both of them worked hard on making sure the moods on the ship were good enough. Having most of the things in check helped their task, too.

Scott and Greer had been working with the scientists while everybody else had been doing what they could to help or at least not to get too much in the way, which wasn’t too hard as soon as everybody had calmed down.
Young took time to ask everybody how the work was going, not having anything better to do at the moment. After all everything besides giving orders was in the hands of the scientists now.

He was tired. A nap sounded very good and a warm bed even better. He also wouldn’t mind something warm to drink. He could use some sleep and since Rush wouldn’t be sleeping at all, at least that night, he could go straight to his quarters, wrap himself up n a comforter and forget about everything for at least eight hours. He let out a contented sigh when a very appealing image of a huge bed appeared in his mind.

Just when he had entered the corridor, he collided with something hard and he braced himself against the wall, trying not to fall on the ground.

“Shit, I’m sorry, sir,” Young looked at Scott who was straightening out his uniform.

“It’s alright, Scott, don’t worry about it. Everything finished?”

“Yes, sir. I mean so far Eli isn’t saying much, at least not about the state of the Destiny, but he said he’d be fine by himself so we could take a break. Greer stayed with him just in case he needed any help.”

“Good. Anybody besides Eli and Rush need any help?”

Scott shrugged and sighed. “I don’t think so. There weren’t any messages from the others, so I guess…”

“Okay. Is that all you wanted to talk about? You seemed to be in a hurry,” Young asked, heading along with Scott to the next corridor, waiting for the younger man’s answer. It was obvious he wanted to talk about something, he kept exhaling like he was preparing himself, but when no words came out for some time, it was easy to assume Young wasn’t the one Scott wanted to talk with. That or he really had problems with approaching a subject.

“Sir, may I ask you a question?”

“What is it?”

“Could we… go somewhere more private? I don’t think the corridor is a good place to talk.”

Young nodded, curious, and let Scott in. When the door was closed he told the younger man to sit down. He really wondered why Scott was so nervous.

“I wanted to ask,” he said after a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, “have you noticed doctor Rush’s behavior lately?”

Young’s heart started to beat a little bit faster. Was it possible that more people had noticed his and Rush’s interactions and given them so much thought? What if they all found out? He tried his best to hide everything he felt at the moment, to look as sure of himself and as confident as he could.

“What about his behavior, exactly?” he asked.

“He keeps looking at us. You, me, Camile, Chloe as if he’s plotting something. Camile keeps looking at him, too. I talked with Greer and we think they could be hiding something again. We know how it ended the last time, after all. I know you’ve been talking with Rush a lot lately, sir, and I think it’s good you keep an eye on him,” Scott licked his lips a little nervously. “I just wanted to make sure you knew, sir, I really don’t like the way he keeps looking at everybody. He’s been watching you lately, too. More than it’s necessary. He’s been watching you more closely for a couple of months now, I think, if Greer is right about all that.”

Young would have to think about all that. It wasn’t what he expected Scott to say, but if he and Greer had noticed even that, it wasn’t good.

“Thank you, Scott. I’ll make sure to talk to Rush to see if you might be right. I just want to assure you that both Rush and Camile are on our side. The last incident was not exclusively their fault and we can’t blame the civilians for everything, because we’re supposed to be a team. We are all in this together, you have to remember that and the same goes for Greer and the rest,” Young explained, trying to sound calm and reserved. “Our situation will never get better if we don’t stop blaming everybody around us and don’t start trusting each other.” He finished, feeling like he was telling the same thing for a hundredth time already. The situation still wasn’t much better and he hoped it wouldn’t cause any more problems in the near future when they already had more going on than they would like to. They all still had to find a way to get along somehow. It was the next thing he’d have to give a thought, if the problem still existed, obviously. And that was it for his plans to sleep and relax.

“Yes, sir,” Scott answered shortly, obviously not entirely satisfied, but nodding nonetheless . He got up and headed to the door. “I’m just concerned, sir. If something happens - something serious - because of Rush, it’ll look like you approved of everything and I don’t want you, us, to get in trouble because he cares more about this ship than he cares about the lives of everybody aboard the Destiny,” he stated seriously and with another short nod, he left the room.

Young sat down heavily on the bed and touched his fingers together. It took him a long time before he could think about anything else besides what Scott had just told him.

A part of him knew Scott might’ve been right, after all it was exactly what he had been thinking about before he and Rush became closer to each other, he had just tried to ignore it. He wasn’t sure if it was wishful thinking or not, he just felt like Rush wouldn’t betray them all, so forgetting about it made sense at a time. But now Scott reminded him about this part, about the fact that he himself had often blamed so many things on Rush in the past, and even if Young really didn’t want to believe Rush was planning anything, all the memories of those thoughts came back. Just as he’d expected, a relationship with Nicholas Rush was not only dangerous, but also complicated.
He couldn’t sleep that night and for the first time since he had slept with Rush for the first time, he felt really down and he didn’t know what to do. Talking with the scientist was the only option, but there was still the fear of complicating things even more.

PART 2/2

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