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30 December 2011 @ 07:56 pm
FIC: Never Boring, PG-13 - Part 1/2  


This was not what he’d expected when he’d thought he was bored and needed something to do. Sitting by the tree in the jungle, observing grey clouds on the sky, enjoying a sunset and feeling his arm going numb were not on the list of the activities he’d had in mind at the same hour on the day before. But at the moment he couldn't do anything else if he didn't want to risk being discovered by anybody who could cause them any more problems. And why did all this happen? Because he couldn't stand feeling useless when everybody else was busy, of course.

Now Ronon Dex was fighting the urge to groan as he tightened his hold on the unconscious body of Evan Lorne to bring him closer, sharing some of his body heat. Where the hell was Sheppard? He, Teyla and McKay had left him with Evan almost three hours ago, searching for signs of anything dangerous and making sure it was okay to spend a night in the not very big cave McKay had found by accident, while Parrish had been sent to look for something to eat. Ronon had been left near it to keep an eye on their potential camp and on Evan, who’d been unconscious for the last three hours.

Ronon looked at Evan out of the corner of his eye. His skin was unbelievably pale and his breathing shallow, so he couldn't only be asleep. The dark rings around his eyes made Ronon worry, but as Parrish had told him Even would be fine soon. The poison just had to wear off and get out of his system on its own; they couldn't do much more to help him. Ronon had tried to be patient, listening to McKay talking far too quickly and complaining that he wasn't a botanist andhad no idea he’d even touched it, while Parrish tried to calm them all down while trying to keep calm himself. Ronon couldn't help growling when McKay started to talk once again, even if he was trying to figure out what to do. After all it was McKay’s fault Evan was in this state. If he had paid attention to where he was going and what he was touching, nothing would have happened and they would have been able to keep walking.

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They had been walking to find some way to reach the stargate. Their 'jumper was no use anymore, destroyed by the natives who were less than friendly when they saw people on their land. The 'gate they used to get on the planet was off-limits because it was set in the middle of the field surrounded by houses and warriors. Ronon had seen enough of their security when they’d been running through the center of the village to get away from the guards - the way the natives were protecting the whole city and the 'gate, they’d barely got out of the city in one piece. In fact they had lost most of their weapons and now had no way to contact anybody either . Their only chance was finding the other 'gate - at least they knew there was more than one, even if they still hadn't figured out why. It was a good thing at least Sheppard and Teyla had learned more about the planet before they’d got here, because otherwise their situation would have been even worse.

While getting out of the city had been easy but finding out where they were and where should they go now was harder. At least most of Evan's team members had managed to get away, thanks to Evan who’d practically shoved them back through the 'gate, not even glancing back when losing the connection, he’d just grabbed Parrish by the vest to protect him, shoving him to make him run faster. After that everything had happened quickly, Sheppard and Teyla in the front, running, then McKay, Parrish and Evan, Ronon looking back, trying to figure out how to get out of the city. But Sheppard had kept claiming he had it all figured out. Without being noticed, which was harder than they’d thought at first. But they were out of town soon, entering the near forest as quickly as possible.

They’d kept running through the woods for a couple of hours until McKay had started to argue that they needed a break and, even without saying anything, Parrish had looked like he could use a rest. As much fun as the verbal sparring between Sheppard and McKay usually was, this time it was just a waste of time. Teyla, who’d kept quiet until then had put her hands on their shoulders, telling them they had to stay calm. McKay didn't seem to agree but Sheppard, had agreed with Teyla after one look at her. They’d decided to take a break. It had lasted about three hours, filled with planning and suggestions on what to do next and trying to fix their weapons, before they’d decided to leave their spot.

Two days later they’d still been in the middle of the forest, all of them growing more and more frustrated. When McKay and Sheppard had kept arguing over which way should they go, Evan had tried to lighten up the mood a little. Seeing that it didn't seem to work, he’d given up. Ronon had put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed lightly, moving it to the back of his neck, touching the warm skin. Evan had smiled lightly at him, and Ronon had returned it. Evan's little smiles always managed to make him feel a little better. It was definitely a part of Evan’s charm.

While passing through the darker parts of the forest, Ronon had noticed McKay leaning against a thin tree and suddenly something had cracked. Before anybody had realized what was happening, Evan had taken hold of McKay's shoulder, gripping it tightly to shove him away from the tree that had fallen to the ground loudly. Sheppard and Parrish had quickly caught McKay's other arm to keep him from falling. McKay had been breathing loudly, clutching at his arm and looking at the tree currently lying on the ground. Ronon had wanted to snap at him and tell him to be careful because they couldn't risk anybody finding out about them, but then a soft moan of pain had caught his attention.

He’d turned around to see Evan laying in a bunch of plants with large, blue leaves. The other man was blinking, shocked, and suddenly, out of the blue, his head had hit the ground.

"Evan!" Ronon had let out a yell and he’d been kneeling beside his unconscious partner immediately. Everybody else had been by his side in the next second, helping Ronon carry Evan, making sure not to touch anything. But Ronon hadn’t cared about the plants, he’d just wanted to take Evan out of there as fast as possible. How had that happened? How could he have let this happen? He’d tightened his hold on Evan's body and picked up the pace, following McKay who managed to find a cave big enough to spend a couple of nights. Ronon, still holding Evan, had let Parrish take a look at him after checking out the plant itself. Using the water they’d managed to save they’d cleaned up the parts of Evan's skin that had been in contact with the plant, while Parrish who had been helping Ronon, had been talking about the symptoms. Ronon had growled after Parrish hadn't answered any of his questions.

"I... I don't know," Parrish had looked down on the ground, clearly uncomfortable with Ronon looking at him. "I never saw a plant like this before. I've seen similar ones before, but I don't know exactly how similar they are. I would have to do a lot of tests to make sure and now, I... I just don't know," he’d said quietly, still running a wet cloth down Evan's face. “I don’t know how he would react, how the poison would react to anything I could give him or…”

Ronon had stopped listening to him and just growled. Now, with Evan lying unconscious in his arms, he had no idea how a couple of days ago he could have been bored. Next time he would have to learn how to keep quiet.


Evan was doing paperwork again. One complication on a short mission that was supposed to be easy and there were a couple of hours added to their working hours. Unbelievable. Ronon didn't like it, but he knew that if he gave Evan time, the paperwork would be finished faster and they would have time for themselves - just the thought of the massage he’d promised to Evan made him made him grin. But he restrained himself from thinking about it. He’d learned that whenever he was starting to think about Evan he had a stupid grin on his face. Sheppard and McKay never missed the chance to comment on it when it happened and it was a good thing he had already gotten used to their teasing. And of course knowing that he could make them pay for it was a good thing.

It had all started a couple of days after Ronon and Evan had told their teams that they were in a relationship. Evan started to spend more time with him when he wasn't on missions, and Sheppard couldn't stop smirking whenever Evan smiled at Ronon and Ronon smiled back. He had to fight the urge to tell Sheppard something rude, but ended up doing something much more fun - using all the saved energy in sparring with Sheppard. It was incredibly satisfying to see him on the ground, breathing quickly, trying not to show any sights of pain and trying not to give up.

"You know I only joke about Lorne, right? It's really good you've found somebody..."

"I know," Ronon replied quickly, interrupting him. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to talk about feelings with Sheppard. It felt… not right.

"Don't want to know any details, but I'm really happy for you, buddy."

Ronon nodded, helped Sheppard get up after the other man had managed to catch his breath and had taken his shirt from the floor. Sheppard threw a shirt in Ronon's direction and smiled again . "So, wanna go eat something, or is Lorne waiting for you?" he asked and laughed when Ronon growled. "Don't tell me you can't take a joke, big guy," he winked "C'mon, let's go eat something. I'm starving."

"You sound like McKay," Ronon smirked in return.

"That," Sheppard made a face, "was not funny."


When Sheppard, Teyla and McKay came back saying the area seemed to be safe, they cleaned up the cave and tried to mask it so nobody besides them would be able to find it without searching thoroughly for it. Parrish helped to make everything look natural and full of details when it came to trees and plants. While they were preparing the cave, McKay sat inside, keeping an eye on Evan, and for the first time since they arrived on the planet, he tried to be quiet. When Ronon glanced in their direction, catching McKay staring at Evan, he had to fight a sigh. Everybody hoped Evan would get better soon.

It took them less time than they expected to prepare everything. Parrish was taking care of the fire, Sheppard once again checking the area, just in case, and Ronon was searching for something to eat while Teyla and McKay remained in the cave with Evan. They all wanted to get done as much as they could before sunset. They didn’t do half bad considering that they didn’t know the area. Soon they all were sitting by the fire, Evan lying on a pile of leaves with Parrish's bag under his head, Ronon sitting next to Evan's head, observing him. Ronon had managed to find fruits – he’d found them lying around the ground and then he’d spotted a tree. Some animals were eating the fruits, so he assumed they were good, which Parrish later confirmed, so at least they had something to eat. It wasn’t what they’d hoped for, but better than nothing. He hoped they would find something else along the way.

For a long time all of them remained silent. Ronon noticed that everybody appeared lost in thought, even McKay, who still kept looking at Evan from time to time, his expression not revealing much. But his eyes told Ronon enough to understand that the scientist felt guilty.

Sheppard was the one to break the silence when he got up, took off his vest and laid it on the ground.

"We have to decide what to do next," he said finally, running his hand through his hair. "The sooner we leave this planet the better, so finding another 'gate is our priority."

Ronon growled in frustration and wanted to mention Evan's state, but Sheppard quickly interrupted him. "I know, Ronon. That's why I said we should talk about it first. We don't know how long Lorne is going to be unconscious, but we really need a plan now. Parrish, how long do you think he's going to be out?"

Parrish, looking uncertain, glanced at Evan and then at Sheppard again. "I really don't know. I've never seen a reaction like that, but as I told Ronon earlier, if this is the same or even a slightly similar kind of plant as the one I did research on some time ago, it can take one or two days," he looked at his hands before continuing. "This plant looks similar, but without the proper equipment I can't say if it indeed is similar. Even a small difference can be significant and I just..."

"Okay, Parrish," Sheppard held up a hand, stopping Parrish's further explanations. "Relax. We get what you're trying to say We can't really do anything else for him, can we? Besides, you know, keeping him warm and all?"

"We cleaned him up rather quickly, so the venom wasn't in contact with his skin for too long, but we still... still don't know how strong the venom was and if the plant can cause any other infections, but..."

"Parrish, that's not what he asked!" Ronon finally snapped. He put a hand on Evan's shoulder and tried to relax when Sheppard assured him that everything would be fine, they just had to stay calm. Parrish closed his eyes, obviously trying to stay calm, too. Ronon felt the need to say more, but he knew it wasn't Parrish’s fault and it wouldn't help.

"Ronon, calm down," Teyla said, putting a hand on Parrish's forearm reassuringly. "Raising your voice will not help here and we really should focus on helping Evan now. David said we should wait a little longer, do not blame him."

"I don’t," Ronon murmured and once again looked at Evan's face, then at his chest, watching him breathe more calmly than earlier. It must have been a good thing, as far as he knew, but still it would be even better if he woke up soon. His breathing was back to normal at least, so maybe waiting wasn't such a bad idea after all. How could he be calm when Evan was lying there unconscious and there was nothing Ronon could do to help him? He tried to think, to focus. He really knew it wasn't Parrish's fault, that it wasn't even McKay's fault. Something like that could have happened to anybody; this time it was just Evan who had reacted, and if it hadn’t been him, McKay could be the one lying in the cave, unconscious. He really knew this all, but not being able to help his partner was still frustrating.

"We understand how you feel, Ronon," Teyla continued. "We will do everything we can to help him, but now we can only wait. That is what I think. It would be even more dangerous to travel when Evan is in this condition. We would be slow, and somebody would have to keep an eye on Evan instead of looking out for danger, and it would be easy for someone to surprise us." She looked around the cave. "We should be safe here for some time, and staying in one place will help us to focus on Evan, even if we have to be careful and try not to leave any traces that could lead anybody to the cave by accident," she finished. When nobody disagreed, Sheppard nodded.

"Good. That's settled, then. We're staying here until Lorne gets better. We can just hope Parrish is right and it won't take longer than three days," he sighed and looked at McKay. "What are you doing?"

McKay grabbed one more fruit, raising an eyebrow at Sheppard's question. "I'm eating. I'm nervous, I have to do something. And I have to get used to these if we're going to stay here any longer. We will find more before Lorne wakes up anyway."

Ronon rolled his eyes and wanted to comment on the fact that if it wasn’t for McKay they wouldn't have to wait for anything - they would have been out of here for a couple of hours by now - but one look from Teyla was enough to make him keep his thoughts to himself. He took hold of Evan's hand, squeezing slightly. He didn't know if with this gesture he was trying to reassure Evan or himself.


When he was about to go back to his room Ronon decided to check on Evan. Just in case that he finished earlier. He could hope, couldn’t he? But his lover was still in the middle of work. Ronon knew he would be lost if he even tried to start writing reports like Evan and Sheppard did, so he just entered Evan's room trying not to disturb too much. After all, he wanted the other man to finish quickly. He just wanted to spend some time with him, see how he was doing. Ronon couldn't help smiling when he saw Evan's face light up when he saw him.

"How are you doing?" Ronon asked, pointing at the papers lying on the desk. There were less of them when he’d left earlier so it was going well, he guessed.

"It will take some more time, but not as much as I thought at first," Evan replied and sighed. "Next time remind me to triple check all the weapons. I'm even going to do it myself if it means less paperwork if something happens. That must be the longest report I’ve written."

"Sorry to say it, but I still think that a gun can’t fire by itself," he said quietly and Evan didn't even try not to sigh and roll his eyes.

"And I don't believe anybody from my team could just shoot two innocent people, Ronon." The cold tone Evan’s voice meant that was the end of this subject. They didn't want to get into a fight. For Ronon, it was still unlikely, but if Evan trusted all his people, then he Ronon would try to do the same. Though it didn't mean somebody hadn't made the gun go off. After all somebody could have taken it and made sure it worked in the right time. He kept his thoughts to himself because they had talked about it already. There was no need to make Evan angry; the case was still was being investigated, so he decided to leave it to the specialists - or so Weird told him to do when he’d told her about his suspicions.

“Okay, sure.”

“Thanks. I will try to finish as soon as possible and after that, I’m all yours. ”

"Let me know when you’re done," Ronon said before leaving the room. It meant a couple more hours of doing nothing. Sheppard was with Teyla and they finally had some time for themselves, so he didn't want to disturb them. He couldn't go bother McKay. Usually it was fun to annoy the man and watch his ridiculous reactions, but this time he was doing something very important, besides pissing off all the other scientists, of course, and he had asked not to be disturbed. It meant most of the scientists were busy, too. Just before Ronon decided to go see how Parrish was doing, he remembered that Parrish was wrapped up in something important in his lab, too. Ronon really didn't like it when everybody besides him had something to do. It wasn't interesting to train alone and he wasn't in the mood for eating. He really hated boring days. He was about to go to his quarters and sleep when he decided there was one more place he could check out.


For two days, they waited.

They took shifts that night, Ronon first, and When he decided he needed to get some rest, he woke Sheppard up. The other man patted Ronon on the shoulder reassuringly and took up position next to the fire, rubbing his eyes gently.

"I will wake you up later. Try to get some sleep," Sheppard murmured, but the silence in the cave made the words sound loud and clear. Ronon nodded and lay down next to Evan on the ground, wrapping an arm around the other man's waist, bringing him a little closer.

He didn't want to go to sleep, he’d had a hard time closing his eyes for the past few days , even if he knew he should rest before they had to travel, because he wouldn’t be of any use if he was dead tired. And yet he wanted to be awake, just in case Evan woke up. He wasn’t supposed to wake up anytime soon, but Ronon really wondered if there was something more they could do to help his partner. Due to Evan’s condition, Parrish looked miserable, and McKay seemed even more concerned than he’d been before. Teyla kept reassuring them all from time to time, gently washing Evan's face with cold water, as Sheppard tried to have everything under control.

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Just thinking about it made Ronon tighten the hold on Evan's body. He finally managed to close his eyes when he felt Evan's arm moving. He sat up and looked at his lover, touching his arm gently. He noticed Sheppard kneeling next to him and Teyla taking place opposite to him after waking Parrish and McKay.

Evan's hand was clasped in his and his fingers suddenly tightened around Ronon’s. A soft moan escaped his lips and than a cough. Teyla touched her hand to Evan's forehead.

"Evan?" she asked quietly. There was no answer, just another pained moan.

"Lorne, do you hear us?" Sheppard tried, locking his eyes with Ronon for a moment when there was no answer, before looking at the unconscious man once again. "Come on, buddy, wake up. We need you to wake up."

"Come on," Parrish whispered. Ronon tightened his hold on Evan's hand again, hoping it would help.

"Ro... non..." Evan whispered hoarsely. When his eyes opened and focused on Ronon, Ronon squeezed his hand once more.

"I'm here," Ronon replied just as quietly.

Evan's weak smile made everybody exhale in relief. Sheppard patted him on the arm with a smile of his own, Teyla left her hand on Evan's forehead, telling him it was good to see him awake. Evan nodded at her, his eyes still closed, his eyes still closed, the light of the fire nearby was probably hurting his eyes after they’d been closed for so long, but when he opened them he nodded slightly at Parrish, who looked the most relieved. He didn't say anything, but the look on his face was enough to understand what he was thinking.

Ronon noticed Evan's eyes focusing on McKay next, and heard the quiet inhale of breathing, as if it hurt Evan to do so, before he asked quietly:

"Are you... okay?"

McKay grimaced, but nodded, and Sheppard rolled his eyes. Ronon knew why. It was like his partner to care about everybody else first, even if he himself had been unconscious for the last couple of days and had just woken up.

"Everybody's fine, Lorne," Sheppard told him quietly with a comforting look on his face, when Evan looked back at him. "You're the one who was unconscious. And you should tell us how you feel right now."

"Like... something ran me over," he replied, covering his eyes with his hand, rubbing lightly. "My head and my eyes kill me, too. And my neck itches."

"That would be the plant's fault, I guess," Ronon murmured and Evan looked at him.

"How long was I out?"

It took some time to answer all of Evan's questions and tell him in detail everything that had happened since he’d lost consciousness. Ronon sat next to him by the wall, ready to support him should it become necessary. Sheppard and McKay were out searching for food and water, Parrish sat quietly by the fire, trying to listen to Teyla and find out as much as he could about the unknown plant without the proper equipment. However the effort was mostly without any results, much to his disappointment.

Evan claimed he felt better already. It seemed to be too soon, but they also knew that they couldn't spend much more time here if they wanted to find the 'gate.

Teyla had just finished talking when Sheppard appeared in the cave, out of breath, snagging his jacket from the floor. Just when McKay entered the cave in a similar state, Sheppard looked at them.

"We have to get going. Quickly." He ran a hand through his hair. "We've seen guards from the city. We managed to hide, but I'm not sure how much time we have until they find us here. We really should get going. Lorne, do you feel well enough to walk?"

"Yeah, I will be fine," Evan replied right away and slowly got up, supporting himself on Ronon, obviously still dizzy. Ronon knew it wasn't going to go away anytime soon, but they really had to run. Evan sighed and a grimace of pain appeared on his face when he tried to stand on his own, but he tried not to make an issue out of it. Ronon hadn’t expected anything else from him.

"Are you sure? Tell us now, because if you're not, we can just stay here. We will just have to take some more time to make this part of the woods look more... unused and put some more camouflage on the cave, but..."

Evan shook his head, interrupting Sheppard, and said that he just needed a little bit of time to make the dizziness go away. Sheppard nodded, and everybody started to pack the things they could use later. Ronon kept an eye on his lover bracing himself against the wall for support. They left the cave as soon as possible and Evan was determined not to show any signs of pain.


When Ronon reached his destination, the door opened and just when he thought nobody was inside, he saw Doctor Beckett sitting by his desk, apparently doing paperwork too. He was about to back away quietly when Beckett's voice surprised him.

"I didn't expect to see ye here," he pushed the last report away and looked at Ronon. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, Doc. Everything's fine. I was just..." he stopped and sighed. 'I was what? I was bored? Everybody else was busy and I have nothing to do? That sounded great, really.'

"Major Lorne is busy?" Beckett asked, a slight, comforting smile appearing on his face. He got up from the seat and put the paperwork away, focusing his eyes on Ronon.

Ronon nodded, not bothering to fight the sigh. It was good. At least Beckett seemed to have some time. He knew about Evan and Ronon's relationship too, just in case one of them got hurt, and it had proved to be a good decision to tell him about them. Beckett was different from the others. He rarely mentioned their relationship and didn’t mock or tease him about it, which was a nice change. He liked to talk with Ronon. Sometimes they just sat in Beckett's quarters, drinking scotch in companionable silence. This time they decided to eat before going to Beckett's quarters.

"It's good to finally eat somethin'," Beckett smiled, eating his sandwich. Ronon took only one as he wasn't hungry. Of course the doctor noticed. "Not very hungry today?"

"I ate before. With Evan," he shrugged and took a small bite of his sandwich. They settled on casual subjects not concerning missions. It was mostly Beckett talking, about what happened on Atlantis, and why everybody was busy. Ronon complained a little bit too, and it looked like Beckett also needed to get something off his chest. The doctor had enough of soldiers not being careful while sparring, mostly after sessions with Ronon.

Suddenly Ronon felt a hand clapping him on the back. He was about to turn around quickly when Peter Grodin already took a seat next to him, a cheerful smile on his face.

"How are you?" he asked Beckett, only nodding at Ronon. Ronon nodded back, deciding to stay silent, because it was getting interesting. The Doc looked at Grodin, clearly flustered.

"Thank you, Peter, I'm fine," he replied, avoiding eye contact. Everyone Apparently that was it was the end for a while, or at least it seemed like it when all of them fell silent.

"And you, Ronon?"

Ronon didn't know how Grodin could keep smiling like that all the time. "Fine, thanks," he replied and took the next bite of his sandwich. He rarely talked to Grodin; their only conversation tended to occur when he visited Beckett and they happened to be there at the same time. But until then he’d never paid attention to them spending so much time together. Now that he was thinking about it, it looked like they had been. At least Beckett had somebody else he could talk to.

Grodin only nodded and turned his head around to Beckett, who was about to finish his sandwich. "Doctor Beckett, I'll leave you everything you asked for on your desk. Is that okay?" he asked and Beckett nodded again.

"Yes, Peter. That would be nice."

Grodin smiled again and left as quickly as he’d appeared. Beckett looked at his empty plate and sighed quietly, but not quietly enough for Ronon to miss it. He was sure that if Beckett would ever want to talk about anything, he knew he could talk with him. He wanted to say something, so he ended up commenting on the scientists' job and it seemed like he’d done something right, because suddenly Beckett was back to talking freely, and he wasn't so flustered anymore. The chat was exchanged with a comfortable silence. After spending more time with Beckett, Ronon felt better. He didn't know how much time had passed, so he decided to get back to Evan.


It was harder to move with Evan still weak and looking extremely pale. Taking breaks was necessary, but nobody said anything every time Sheppard or Teyla insisted on taking them. Evan was trying to pretend he was fine and ready to go, of course, and if not for his pale skin, Ronon would have believed him, but just one look at his partner was enough to know that they had to stop and take break more often. It didn’t matter how much he wanted to be back on Atlantis and make Evan visit Beckett, now they had to focus on getting back safely.

He had no idea how to reassure Evan that everything was fine. When a break was planned, the expression on Evan's face changed rapidly whenever Ronon sat down next to him, patted him on the arm or got closer to him in any way. It was frustrating but nobody could blame him. Ronon probably would have behaved the same way if he’d been injured, trying not to slow down the team. It just felt wrong when Evan was hiding from him like that. Ronon didn’t like it at all.

They all hoped the night would bring some more comfort for all of them; after all it was the only time all of them could rest, even if only for a couple of hours. It was a time to try to relax, forget for a couple of hours and, in Evan's case, take a chance to recharge before they would have to leave again.

It was Ronon’s turn to take watch that night. He sat by the rock to have a clear view on the others and of the whole field they’d set camp in. He wasn't tired. He just sat there observing, making sure everything was fine. Parrish was laying closest to the fire, covered with his jacket as securely as he could, distress obvious on his face, even if in sleep. McKay was sleeping a couple of feet further away, facing away from the rest, but seemed calmer than Parrish. Sheppard had his arm wrapped loosely around Teyla in a comforting but protective embrace.

Ronon knew he wasn't the only one who was awake. It wasn't hard to notice; every time he lookiedin his direction, Evan closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep. Ronon wished he could do something, say something, to make Evan rest, but in the end he let his lover do what he wanted. Evan still didn't feel well, but at least he’d stopped hiding and didn't flinch anymore whenever Ronon touched him. He was resting next to Ronon, but even when pretending to sleep, his hand tightened slightly on Ronon's, and Ronon always squeezed back.

He was getting better and that was the most important thing for Ronon.

It took them about three days to get out of the woods. Nobody tried to hide the relief when, instead of trees and leaves, there was a wide open field before them. But as happy as they were, it was hard to hide the fact that on an open field, they were an easy target. If they were being followed, it wouldn’t be wise to take any breaks somewhere where it was so easy to get to them, especially since Evan still wasn't in the best condition.

Ronon looked around to spot any places they could use to take a break, but there wasn't much - all spots were too obvious. Sharing a look with Sheppard and Teyla, he exhaled deeply. If they chose to go this way, they clearly wouldn’t be able to take any breaks.

"Okay, guys. Looks like we have two options," Sheppard said, running a hand through his hair. "If we go through the field, we won't be able to make any stops on the way, but it's quicker. More dangerous, but shorter - or at least it seems to be. Or we can take the longer, safer way, sticking to the border of the forest and see where it will lead us. We won't be in the open and it would be better if we needed to hide, but we don't know where we will end up. I don't remember seeing this part on the map,” he sighed and looked at them. “So, what do you think?"

In the end, after Evan had insisted that he felt good and they could choose the short way, they decided upon the way through the field. None of them felt too good about it, but it indeed was the quickest way, if Sheppard remembered correctly. Ronon even pretended not to hear McKay's complaining by distracting himself by with talking with Evan, and sometimes with Parrish.

"I'm just saying, if we had taken the longer way we could have..." McKay started, but Sheppard just rolled his eyes at him.

"I thought you wanted to leave this planet as soon as possible and now you keep complaining. Besides, you weren't opposing when we chose the way. Getting back now would be much more risky and we just would have..."

"...wasted time," Teyla finished for him. She turned her head to look at McKay. "We don't know which way would be safer, but the sooner we leave, the sooner we will be able to rest, Rodney."

Sheppard smiled at her words.

"See? If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to Teyla. And if you keep talking, Ronon will gag you. Complaining doesn't help."

Ronon, who was quietly listening to the whole exchange, couldn't help grinning. And it made him happy to see a smile appear on Evan's face as well. Soon they all were laughing, even Parrish who still looked a little bit uncertain, still worrying about the effects the plan could have had on Evan. McKay wasn't happy at all and kept complaining, but it was obvious he was less nervous than before, considering the circumstances. Better this than nothing.

They didn't have many reasons to smile after that. The open field was dangerous as they found out soon. They weren't attacked, but Parrish noticed traps in every place that was fit to stay in. It could mean two things: that they were being tracked and that somebody had been sent to make sure they wouldn't survive their journey, leaving traps in most of the possible places. Or that people living on this planet really were not the best hosts and the traps were meant to eliminate anybody who appeared here. Before every stop they decided to check the area first, even if there weren't many opportunities to take any breaks. Even the most quiet sound could mean trouble here if they weren’t careful enough. Most of the way they kept quiet to better focus on everything around them.

The field was definitely larger than it had seemed at first glance. They ended up stopping for a longer while only when Evan almost fell to the ground. Parrish and Ronon quickly caught him. Fortunately they were near a small spot covered by yellow grass, surrounded by rocks and stones. It wasn't the most comfortable place, but it had to do. Their break didn't last long Evan once again assured them that he was okay, that he just needed something to drink. Ronon and Sheppard weren't so sure, but they didn't argue. Afterwards, when they were walking again, Ronon and Parrish took the rear, Sheppard and Teyla walking in the front, leaving McKay with Evan in the middle, which Ronon insisted on - this way he could catch Evan if anything happened. He hoped it wouldn't come to that though.

Part 2/2

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pst...the 2/2 link goes to my art post...:-)
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XDDD Fixed. You can continue reading now.

Duh, it's hard to keep up with all the links. And I was so sure I posted everything right... but well, your art needs pimping, too - the banners are gorgeous! ;D
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Oh man, I just started watching Stargate Atlantis last week and I'm starting on Season 5, so this was perfect to read! I haven't read much fanfiction yet so this is the first time I've read Evan/Ronan. I like Lorne and LOVE Ronan so this was an interesting pairing!

I like how protective Ronan is, and thought you wrote him really well. He's a good mix of intense and sensitive.

Teyla, Sheppard and Rodney were all great and in character, and I loved the sniping between Sheppard and Rodney. I love your depiction of Beckett too who is my fave on the show :D

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Awww, I'm glad you like this pairing! Have you read the second part of the fic? (I just fixed the link so now it should workproperly XD)

This is the only pairing for SGA I write (with implied Sheppard/Teyla, because I love them together) - I managed to write two more Ronon/Evan fics besides this one and made lots of icons, too :D This pairing is not very popular, unfortunately.

I'm very glad you're enjoying the show, too. Beckett is one of my Top 5 (too many wonderful character for me to pick only one XD) - but he's totally amazing and priceless, that's true :D

Jade: happy roslingeekcreative on January 7th, 2012 08:53 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the really late comment...I did read part 2! I want them to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after, after all they've been through! You did a great job on the fic. :)

I actually don't exclusively ship anyone on the show, but I can dig anyone with anyone. They all have such good chemistry together! I can even enjoy Wraith Todd/Sheppard! :P

I finished the show and I'm sad there's no more, but at least there's tooons of fanfic! :)
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Awww than you very much *huggles* I wish they could have a nice sunset scene and a happily ever after too :DDD So far I managed to write three fics, though, and they're all happy XD

I wish the show was longer, too. I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Though I doubt I have as many fic to read, because I on't ship Sheppard/McKay - so I sip about 80% of all fics in this fandom *lol*