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30 December 2011 @ 07:57 pm
FIC: Never Boring, PG-13 - Part 2/2  

Part 1/2

Entering Evan's quarters, prepared to talk him into taking a break and do something relaxing, Ronon noticed the other man asleep, his head lying on one arm as he breathed softly.

Approaching his lover quietly, Ronon took the reports from the desk. The reports seemed finished ,or so it looked at the first glance. He knew they were important and Weir was waiting for them. One look at Evan's signature at the bottom of the pages, Ronon retreated as quietly as he could with the reports, leaving the sleeping man in peace. Of course Weir raised an eyebrow, looking amused, when he handed her the reports. He really had no idea why everybody on Atlantis reacted like that every time he did something for Evan, but he got bored of asking why when nobody bothered to answer him anyway. He just hoped it would end soon because it was irritating.

He left Weir to her work when she wished him a good day. Well, it could have been better if he could have spend more time with Evan or find somebody else who wasn't busy at the moment. He had no idea what to do with himself. Still nobody to train with, all his weapons were clean and ready to use, no missions, no one needed any help and... Ronon felt out of place, not needed. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt like that.

Back in his room, Evan didn't protest too much when Ronon woke him up to put him to bed.

"I'm sorry, Ronon," he yawned in the middle of the sentence. "I don't even remember falling asleep. I finished everything - I just have to take them to Elizabeth and then we can..."

"She already has them. I took them to her when you were asleep," Ronon interrupted. At Evan's confused look he just shrugged. "You said they were important and you looked like you needed to rest, so I took them. You didn't want her to see them yet?" he asked, hoping he hadn’t done something wrong. He hadn’t thought about it when he’d taken the reports. If Evan got into trouble because of him...

"No, they were ready," Evan replied quietly, obviously fighting back another yawn. "Thanks. You are right. I could use a break. I don't know, lately I'm more and more tired. I thought it might pass, but well, no luck so far."

"Maybe a new mission would help you? I could use one."

"I think I have had enough missions for a while, thank you very much. Too much paperwork," Evan smiled when he lay back on the bed shirtless, his eyes closed. “I think a day or two of getting regular sleep would work a lot better.”

Ronon, sitting on the corner of the bed, looked at his lover's face. His expression was relaxed, lips turned into a sleepy smile. Evan stretched his arms and put them behind his head. It was good to see him like that, finally not caring about anything, able to rest and looking content, a look Ronon liked to see on his face. He was different when he was laying like that, not protecting himself from anything, just being himself.

"Are you staying?" Evan asked after a couple of seconds, still not opening his eyes. The tone of his voice was hopeful, and Ronon was glad he wasn't the only one who wanted the closeness after all the time the missions had been the number one on their list of priorities. Without taking his clothes off, he took a spot beside Evan. When he turned on his side, Evan's hand sneaked into his, linking their fingers together and squeezing softly. One simple gesture from the other man and Ronon quickly considered this moment as the best part of the day. He couldn't sleep - he didn't feel like it - but just lying there next to his lover was enough to make him stop thinking. Just focusing on his presence near him, comforting him just as he hoped he comforted the other man in return.


Thinking that something could happen at any moment was a motivator in their situation. They weren’t taking many breaks, kept walking as fast as they could without risking anything happening to anybody. When they finally saw the end of the field, they couldn't hide their relief. Sheppard hugged Teyla and clapped Parrish and Ronon on the back with a huge smile.

"That's it! This part I remember from the map. The gate should be right there, just behind this forest. It's not very far; there will be a smaller field. We have to go this way," he said, exhaling with relief.

"Are you sure?" Ronon asked and Sheppard nodded once.

"You really remember these maps so well?" McKay wondered, looking worried. "You know, it's been... I don't know, three weeks since we were here."

"Don't worry, McKay. I do remember. Come on, let's enter the forest and take a short break. I think we all could use it."

Everybody nodded, and they used the time to eat their last rations, the last fruits they had managed to find. Their mood was considerably brightened. Parrish and Teyla were smiling, and McKay was already planning what would he do first when he got back to Atlantis. Evan just sat next to Ronon, laughing when McKay mentioned eating, shaking his head. He laid one hand on Ronon's knee, squeezing softly.

And Sheppard was right. Soon, they laid eyes on the 'gate. In the middle of the field, already activated, some people going through it - but that wasn't what they cared about. At least it was activated and working, that was the most important thing.

The 'gate was under observation with four soldiers, protecting it. They didn't look like they would give up without a fight. They needed a plan. Sheppard looked at the field, running a hand through his hair as he bit his lip. Seeing him, Teyla got up from the ground and gently laid her hand on his shoulder.

"John? Is everything alright?"

He turned around and exhaled loudly. "Yeah, everything's fine. Just thinking of our possible options. At least there aren’t many guards there. I think I know how we're going to get there," he said and then looked at Ronon. "But we need a diversion."

Soon Ronon was standing by the trees with the rest of the team, making sure everybody was fine. Sheppard stayed in his position, closer to the 'gate. He looked back, nodded and disappeared behind the trees. Now they just had to wait for Sheppard's sign.

"Teyla, you, Evan and McKay will go this way. The two guards seem not to focus on the west side too much," Ronon said, pointing on the left side of the forest and the 'gate. "You can go right away and take a position near the gate, Sheppard will get there once he’s made sure there will be no surprises from the other sides. Just take position and wait for his sign."

"What the sign will it be?" Parrish asked looking in the direction of the 'gate.

"We'll know. There are not many things he can do to not make them suspicious, so he probably will go for a noise," Ronon answered. He also didn't know - there was not much time to think about everything; they just knew the basics and had to make sure everything would go well.

"What if…" McKay started, but Ronon interrupted him right away.

"If we do everything as planned, we will get out of here soon. Just look out for Sheppard," he said, then turned to Parish who looked even more pale than usual. "You okay?"

"Yes. Yes, just... nervous."

"Listen, we will go the other way. It will be the longest distance and we will have to move quickly. We have a clear view on the 'gate and the two soldiers on the right. One of them seems to be tired, so that will be our chance. Just stay close to me. Got it?"


Ronon nodded again. Going through the whole plan once again in his head he got up from the ground and looked in the direction of the soldiers. He exhaled softly. "We should go. Parrish, give me your bag. I will carry it."

Before they parted ways Ronon looked once more at Evan and laid his hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently. Evan looked at him and smiled, covering the hand on his shoulder with his own. "See you soon," he whispered and the next minute he, Teyla and McKay were gone, leaving Parrish and Ronon alone.

Ronon noticed Parrish’s worry and nervousness. The other man kept twitching, looking in various directions, obviously not knowing what to do. Ronon sighed and sat down next to him. He had to do something to make the other man focus on their plan or they would fail.

"Stop thinking about what might happen," he said trying to calm Parrish, hoping he sounded reassuring. They had to focus on what they had to do. "Parrish, look at me." When he did, Ronon continued, "Listen, you have to focus. The sooner we get everything right and get to the 'gate..."

"I... I know. I do. I just... I can't stop thinking. I know what I have to do, but..."

"We will get out of here. Come on."


The next days were even more quiet, if that was even possible. It was slowly killing Ronon. Once again he approached Sheppard to ask if he could help with something but the answer was still the same. Only the scientists were mentioned and since Ronon had no idea how he could help them without getting annoyed he decided to settle on not doing anything. Sheppard, who lately was focused mostly on meetings with the other teams about the supplies, patted him on the back, trying to be reassuring.

"I'm sorry, Ronon. I know you feel bored and all, and I wish I could find something for you to do, but..."

"I know, Sheppard, thanks," Ronon cut him off.

Sheppard scratched the back of his head. "Maybe you want to go with me and help me with the supplies? It's not much and there probably won't be a lot to carry, mostly just checking if everything is right, but it's something to do. Or maybe Parrish still has some of his boxes of plants to move, so maybe he could find you something. How about Lorne? Did you ask him?"

"No. He's busy and..." Ronon shrugged slightly and Sheppard smiled, probably understanding.

"You don't want to bother him, huh?"

"Everybody's busy."

"Are you sure you don't want to help the scientists? Maybe it won't be so bad, you know."

"I'm sure, Sheppard," he sighed. He couldn't believe it. He was actually whining. Great. But Sheppard didn’t seem to notice. Or at least he pretended not to, for which Ronon was grateful.

"Okay, then. I'm not really surprised," Shappard admitted with a sheepish smile. "Zelenka and McKay together in one room for so long would be too much for everybody. It's weird enough that we didn't hear about them killing each other or anybody else yet. It's been days since they started working on some new theory about the 'gate." He patted Ronon on the back briefly. "Okay, I should go now. I will try to find you something to do when we finish with the supplies, okay? Until then, I don't know, maybe you can check up on Beckett or Teyla? Maybe she can find something for you or maybe her people need some help." With that Sheppard left and Ronon sighed. Talking with Teyla seemed like a good idea at the moment.

Just as he had hoped, Teyla was in her quarters. When she answered, she smiled softly at seeing him.

"Hello, Ronon. How are you?" she asked when he entered the room and sat on the floor, taking his usual place by the small table.

"Fine," he answered shortly, but when he saw her raising one eyebrow in question he sighed. "Fine, it’s just that everybody's doing something and I don't have anything I could do," he added after a few seconds.

Teyla smiled reassuringly at him and soon they both were sitting on the floor, side by side. Ronon listened to all the ideas his friend came up with. It was really impressive how many suggestions she had to offer. They settled on taking a break from the subject and Teyla told him about helping her people with settling down and dealing with new ideas to make people's lives better. It was good to hear they were settling in well and that there were no problems. He offered to help if needed, and Teyla smiled at him and squeezed his hand in thanks. When she offered him a second cup of tea the door opened and Sheppard entered, a huge smile on his face. It got even wider when he noticed Ronon. He approached them and dropped a kiss on Teyla's head.

"Hey. Everything went well?" he asked, sitting down next to her.

"Yes, very good," she answered. "And you? It's hard not to notice your good mood. Did something happen?"

"Well, finishing checking all the supplies itself can be considered as a good thing, but since Ronon is here, listen," he turned to Ronon. "I talked to Elizabeth and we decided that all of our soldiers, and a couple of scientists who probably wouldn't mind, could use more training. The breaks between the missions get longer and longer because Elizabeth thinks we need more time to relax. In order for everybody to train more to keep up and be prepared. So, between the basic training we can add some additional hours. And you can train them, weapons, sparring... Elizabeth agreed when I brought it up and it doesn't take long to set everything up- we will just let everybody know," he smiled and inhaled. "How does that sound?"

Ronon blinked and nodded without thinking about it. Sheppard promised to let him know the details before he turned to Teyla. That was Ronon's clue to leave. Sheppard and Teyla needed some time alone, too, after all. From the absence of people in the corridors Ronon concluded it must have been late, so he headed to Evan's quarters. Nodding at a couple of soldiers who wished him a good night, he entered the corridor and then his lover's quarters.

He didn't fight the grin when he noticed Evan sprawled on the side of the bed Ronon usually used. Face hidden in the pillow, one leg under the covers, the other one on top of them. Just looking at him made Ronon smile. He approached the bed and shook Evan's shoulder lightly. Evan really should eat something or he would feel even worse later. Ronon knew a thing or two about it after so much time spent with Evan, and he was sure Evan hadn’t eaten anything since finishing the reports.

"Ronon?" Evan's sleepy murmur seemed a lot louder in the silence of the room. "What time is it?"

"Midnight, maybe," he replied quietly. When Evan let out a frustrated growl, he smiled. "You know, it was you who taught me that going to sleep hungry is a bad idea."

"Smartass," the other man grumbled. "I... really dislike it when you use my own advice against me, you know."

"And I really dislike it when I end up working with McKay and Zelenka at the same time because somebody-" here he smirked at Evan, "-thinks for some reason that it’s funny. Now come and eat something or I will carry you and force-feed you," he said. He patted Evan's back playfully, letting his hand linger there for a little longer, touching the warm skin through the shirt, enjoying the intimacy of the moment as he slipped his hand under the fabric, softly caressing the warm skin.

Evan just smiled lazily and finally got up from the bed. They weren't the only people who’d decided to eat something. Evan nodded at the soldiers and greeted the scientists they passed on the way. Zelenka and McKay were woring on a huge project, something to do with the stargate, had most of the scientists on Atlantis working in shifts. Eating took more time than Ronon liked, but talking to Evan was never boring and he couldn’t help it, he really wanted to tell Evan about the new training sessions; he just preferred to do it in their quarters.

He wasn't wrong. His lover was happy for him. Ronon told him about the chat with Teyla and Sheppard, not finding anything to do and everybody being busy. Then he saw the look on Evan's face that told him Evan attempt to apologize and Ronon quickly regretted telling everything. He hadn’t meant to make the other man feel guilty. Ronon really understood orders and responsibilities. He groaned and tried not to snap at Evan.

“Ronon, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize…”

"That's not what I meant,” Ronon interrupted quickly. “I'm not blaming you or anything. I’m just saying that I wanted to have something to do, too, I hate... feeling useless," he explained, hoping Evan would stop with the puppy eyes because he knew he couldn't resist this look.

"You could have come to me, you know," Evan said finally. "We could have found something for you to do. David still has boxes to move, plants to prepare, maybe I could talk with Radek so why not just..."

"You were busy, too," Ronon simply answered, rolling his eyes. "No reason to bother you." Why couldn't Evan understand? They could have already been in bed, relaxing together - instead here they were, Evan still looking guilty and Ronon thinking about how he could finally explain to his lover that it wasn't important. It was over anyway.


Ronon took the backpack and moved quietly in the direction planned earlier with Sheppard. Parrish still looked like he wasn't sure, so Ronon just advised him to try to stay close and follow his lead if they wanted to get in to the position by the 'gate as soon as possible. Trying to stay quiet and move quickly at the same time proved to be easier than Ronon had expected from how Parrish had looked like before. Now, keeping an eye on the botanist, he saw that when the other man was determined and actually focused on something instead of on the consequences, he changed to the point that it would be easy to mistake him for another person. He wasn’t at all like the man who kept over-thinking everything, was pale and couldn't concentrate. He had never seen Parrish like this before, but even if the circumstances weren't the best, he was glad he had this chance. Parrish was a good man.

A lot of time had passed, or at least it seemed like it, since they’d moved from their original position. Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes like hours and the area seemed to be a lot larger than they had expected. Were Teyla, Evan and McKay already at their position, would they get there on time if they weren’t? Ronon knew he wasn't the only one wondering about this, wondering, but they had to be quick and careful. They didn't know if the forest was guarded in any way, whether or not the soldiers were still there, if they called for the backup - after all, new soldiers could appear any minute, making the escape impossible... Ronon shook his head and focused on moving forward.

He’s heard Parrish's sigh of relief when they could already see the 'gate from their position between the trees. It meant they were in the position. They had a clearer view than they’d expected; the soldiers were visible just as well as the field around the 'gate. The guard hadn’t moved since Ronon and Sheppard had observed them earlier and, at least for now, it looked like nobody was coming to meet them. Ronon turned his head to look at Parrish, asking him if he was okay.

"I'm good," he replied quietly, looking nervously in the direction of the natives. "So, Colonel Sheppard is going to get their attention?"

"Yes. Teyla, Evan and McKay are the closest to the 'gate, so when the guards are be busy with catching Sheppard, they will leave the 'gate partially unprotected, so we can activate it and call Atlantis. The rest will get through, you next, I'll go help Sheppard and then..."

He didn't finish the sentence, he didn't have time, because just then he heard something similar to the barking of a dog. However he knew it wasn’t truly made by a dog.

"Come on, that's the sign!"

He turned around when he saw Sheppard. He was running in the direction of the stargate, holding some kind of a shield. Ronon couldn't see what exactly it was, but it seemed to work just fine because the effect was just as they had predicted: Two of the soldiers left their position heading in Sheppard's direction, aiming at him with their weapons. One of those who stayed on the position was looking around the field and seemed to be calling back up. Sheppard barely managed to escape into the woods again, and then two soldiers - yelling in a language he couldn't understand, entered the woods after him.

There was no time - they had to get to the other two guards quickly. Ronon moved, hoping Parrish was running right behind him. When they were on the field, he quickly looked around and saw Teyla already fighting with one of the soldiers and McKay already standing by the 'gate, activating it. Ronon turned around, took off the backpack and handed it to Parrish, ordering him to run and help McKay. When the other man nodded Ronon tried to spot Evan, but when he heard a yell in the forest he left Teyla, McKay and Parrish with the 'gate and headed quickly towards the woods, trying to catch a sight of Sheppard or at least of any kind of movement.

When he didn't spot anything, he moved deeper into the forest. He hoped the 'gate was already prepared. Just then he heard the crack of a piece of broken wood. He quickly turned around and barely managed to avoid the hit to his head. Suddenly a blade appeared in the soldier's hand and trying to avoid the next attack, Ronon grabbed him by the vest, pulling violently and hitting him in the face while at the same time blocking his hands so the blade wouldn't touch him. When his opponent coughed and spat blood on the ground, Ronon hit him in the back. He bent down to pick up the blade from the unconscious soldier. Just as they had planned, not killing anybody, if they could help it. They had enough problems without that adding to it. Ronon sighed and got up. At least the soldiers weren't much of a challenge. He looked around to search for Sheppard again. Where could have he gone? Damn it, why did Sheppard have to keep disappearing like that?

He was about to run deeper into the forest when he heard a familiar voice yelling.

"Ronon, here! Quickly!"

He turned around and saw Sheppard waving at him. He was holding the shield and one of the weapons the soldiers had and it looked like he was injured. He left the soldier on the ground and headed to the stargate quickly. In the open field Ronon looked around again. There was still no sign of Evan. He hadn't been there when Ronon and Sheppard reappeared on the field, Ronon hadn't spotted him while they’d been fighting, nobody had said anything... the thought that Evan might not escape, he'd be left here...

"Ronon, damn it! Come on! Their back-up is here!"

Ronon turned around to see that indeed, the back-up had arrived. A small army of soldiers walking their way, all of them already aiming at them with their weapons and getting closer very fast. He quickly looked around, still hoping to spot Evan, but then he felt a tight grip on his shoulder and Sheppard pulling him toward the 'gate.

"Ronon, move. We don't have time," he said impatiently, but Ronon still tried to look around for something that could belong to Evan. He just wasn't going to leave him here, especially now when the whole army was getting here.


The soldiers got closer. Just when Ronon was about to turn around something hit the ground next to his feet. More shots aimed at them and then Ronon quickly got to the 'gate. Teyla, McKay and Parrish were already on the other side, but Ronon just couldn’t leave, not now. He made a move in the direction of the forest, he wasn’t going to leave Evan. In the next second somebody grabbed his arm, and before he managed to realize what was going on, he was on Atlantis.


Ronon lay in his bed, looking at the ceiling, re-thinking everything that had happened in the past month, everything he'd felt, everything that he remembered so clearly and could see so well. Every time he closed his eyes he saw something that made him want to hit something. He had to get out of the room more and stop thinking or else it would get worse. He should have been happy that they’d finally got out, that they we are fine and that Weir was handling the situation, trying her best to deal with all the aspects of the visit to the planet that hadn’t gone as planned. He felt better, of course, but since he got used to Atlantis, staying off-world for so long was harder now than it had been before, back when he’d been used to travelling and running.

Walking around Atlantis seemed to be better than doing nothing. He was rested, he had eaten, he had taken a long shower, and just then he realized that walking without any reason had its perks. He turned into the next corridor and something connected with him, sending a pile of papers and a communicator down to the floor. Parrish apologized quickly, a sheepish smile on his face as he started to collect the papers. Ronon noticed the other man looked better already, a lot better, definitely surer of himself now than he’d been on an off-world mission. He talked more to Ronon, too, for some reason. Not that Ronon was complaining. Parrish was in the middle of testing the foreign plant, so far unsuccessfully, but he seemed to enjoy his job at least. He was determined to find out more about the plant and Weir was interested in the results of Parrish's research, so Ronon just wished him good luck and left, not wanting to take any more of his time. Besides, he’d just got an idea where he could go.

Ronon stepped into the infirmary and he immediately spotted Doctor Beckett standing by one of the beds, talking. He had a small smile on his face.

"Everything looks just fine - there's no trace of any side effects from the venom of the plant. Good thing it wasn't anything too dangerous. But I think you can expect headaches. Your body has to get rid of the toxins on its own. Even a small, bloody headache can be a pain after all your body has been through, lad. I think all ye need is one more day off to just rest, it should help. I assume it's not going to be a problem?"

"No, Doc, it won't," Ronon replied suddenly and when Beckett turned to look at him, the understanding in his eyes made Ronon feel better.

"Good. That's all, then."

"Thanks, Doc."

Ronon smiled to himself when Evan stood up from the bed and both of them headed to Evan's room. It was good to see that Evan was better already. Three days after they had all got back safely from the planet, one day since Evan was able to get back to his quarters.

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Everything Ronon had felt when he thought about their escape, how he hadn't seen Evan on the planet, came back to him in a rush. All the second thoughts that had appeared and the urge to get back, just in case, just before he saw Evan, already there on Atlantis, waiting for him with the others, made him shudder, but he tried to hide it. He forced himself to stop thinking about the planet and focused on the here and now, and the fact that Evan smiled at him. He hadn’t even noticed that they’d arrived. Evan lay down on the bed without taking his clothes off and sighed loudly.

"So, I have one more day of rest, and probably a couple more before anybody will let me do something that is an actual job," he said, smiling at Ronon. "Are you sure you will be able to survive here with me and not get bored?"

"You don't even have to ask.

sexycazzy: Ronon b/w bluesexycazzy on December 30th, 2011 08:37 pm (UTC)
fantastic! :-) it was a real pleasure doing art for you!
Megan Moonlight: ronon/evanmegan_moonlight on December 30th, 2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you vey much, I'm glad you think so :D I told you, it's hundred times better after editing. I had so much fun writing it!

Oh, you don't even know how much I appreciate you doing art for my story. It really is gorgeous ♥♥♥♥♥
storyfanstoryfan on January 4th, 2012 08:35 pm (UTC)
Poor Ronon and Ethan. What a terrible trial they suffered. I don't know this fandom at all, but when fic writers are good, that doesn't matter. I could clearly picture the whole thing, from the ship to the place they were stranded. I also was able to get an idea of what each person's role is on the show.

I really like this couple. I think I shall have to read more…

The art is lovely, by the way.
Megan Moonlight: ronon/evanmegan_moonlight on January 5th, 2012 07:41 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you! I'm glad you gave it a chance even if you don't know the fandom. You don't even know how much it means to me *hugs you very tight*

I love writing for this fandom, because I feel very comfortable in it (though it'll still take some time for me to get better at writing) - I've written two more fics for this pairing if you're interested :D They both inspire me so much and it feels nice to actually get into these characters and how I picture their emotions and relationship - but overall this pairing is not very popular in the fandom (Ronon and Lorne don't have many scenes together on the show, unfortunately), so it's nice to see people enjoying it even a little bit.

I was so insecue about writing something that is so long and I was afraid of ruining everything, so you really made me feel better. Thank you.

Yes, the art is pretty much amazing. And nanuk_dain and sexycazzy are so talented! :D
jayfray18jayfray18 on January 7th, 2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
Finally got to read it lol!!

And it was worth the wait - really enjoyed it m'dear. The art definitely captured your words beautifully.
Megan Moonlight: ronon/evanmegan_moonlight on January 9th, 2012 07:53 pm (UTC)
Awww, I'm so very glad you liked it! :D
I just can't resist writing Ronon and Evan. And the others too, of course *lol* I had so much for writing and I'm glad there were people who chose to make art for my fic :DDDD
fififolle: SGA - Make Your Geek Smilefififolle on January 31st, 2012 03:54 pm (UTC)
Yay! Nice story. Ronon was adorable, and Lorne was HOT (especially all whumped *g*)
Megan Moonlight: ronon/evanmegan_moonlight on January 31st, 2012 07:21 pm (UTC)
I'm very, very glad you liked it!
Thank you so much for commenting, too. I had so much fun writing it :D
verdande_miverdande_mi on September 5th, 2014 08:34 pm (UTC)
I could be convinced of this pairing! Thanks for reccing your story, I enjoyed reading it :)
Megan Moonlight: ronon/evanmegan_moonlight on September 7th, 2014 10:58 am (UTC)
I'm very glad you enjoyed it :)

I had so much fun writing this one. It's the longest fic I've ever written so I was kind of self-conscious about it, but I'm just glad people are giving this pairing a chance.

I've written two more fics for Ronon/Evan, but they're shorter *lol*