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04 February 2016 @ 08:07 pm
Rectober 2015: Day 9  
Rectober 2015: Day 9 - My Current Happy Place

I guess we all have a fandom that is our happy place - the one that always manages to cheer you up, the that has the best fics, the one where you read the largest number of fics or just the one that you feel emotional connection to. Here is my choice, the one that currently makes me the most happy. 30 fics and 35 pieces of fanart, because there were SO many good ones to choose from.

Recs My Current Happy Place


1. Title: Fluffy
Author: abstractconcept
Pairing(s) male!Hawke/Fenris, Varric Tethras, Isabela
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 5,321
Warnings: -
Summary: In which Fenris discovers something his companions already know, to wit; just because something is pretty, has fluffy white hair and big green eyes does not mean it is not an ill-tempered, malevolent beast capable of ripping you to shreds.

Why I loved it: This one is adorkable and silly. Fenris gets to see how to be a hero and be in the centre of attention, and he was not prepared for that at all. It's really lovely. I love this plotline and I adore Fenris and Hawke. It was very fun to read. I loved the line about Fenris being Hawke's hero. And Varric writing everything down. Loved it.

2. Title: In Temperance, Truth (at DA!meme *HERE*)
Author: dev_chieftain
Pairing(s) male!Hawke/Fenris, Varric Tethras, Anders, Justice, Isabela
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 4,082
Warnings: -
Summary: For a prompt on DA Kink Meme:
It can be pretty hard for a mage to be with someone who despises everything you are. What if Fenris finally said something that deeply hurt Diplomatic! or Sarcastic!Hawke? A Hawke that has lost everything thinks he should not lose his dignity and snaps-

Why I loved it: That one still makes me emotional. It's one of the first fics I think about when I think about this ship, actually. Some rivalry, Fenris and Hawke trying to understand each other, misunderstandings, talking - right in the feels, reallly. I couldn't not put it on my list.

3. Title: Magic'S Touch
Author: TaraF
Pairing(s) male!Hawke/Fenris, other characters
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 99,041
Warnings: -
Summary: Fenris' world is turned upside down when he spends the night with Hawke. Moving on is not as easy as he would have hoped, as he and Hawke keep discovering how much they can rely on each other during the darkest moments of their lives.
This story is from Fenris' point of view and fills in the many gaps the game leaves in the relationship with Hawke and Fenris' search for his sister. Stays faithful to the lore. Rival romance with male mage Hawke. Rated M for sex scenes and a few fighting scenes.

Why I loved it: That is one emotional fic. It follows what happens in the game, but from Fenris' POV and filling some blanks. There's so much angst, but also happiness and all kinds of other feelings as Fenris and Hawke work things out and deal with all the feelings. This one really made me emotional.

4. Title: Moving Forward
Author: kihadu
Pairing(s) male!Hawke/Fenris, Aveline Vallen, Isabela
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 4,343
Warnings: -
Summary: Fenris struggles to come to grips with his asexuality in connection with any kind of potential relationship with Hawke.

Why I loved it: A fic about asexual!Fenris. Right in the feels, considering his past. He tries to understand himself, his feelings, he talks to Hawke and everything is so difficut for him... I wanted to hug him so much, really. I also love that the fic includes Fenris' friendship with Aveline, there's just not enough of it in fics (and that Donnic is mentioned).

5. Title: Window to Your Soul (at DA!Meme *HERE*)
Author: debit
Pairing(s) male!Hawke/Fenris, Orana
Rating: Not Rated (I assume PG?)
Word Count: 5,529
Warnings: -
Summary: This was posted on the dragon age kink meme in response to the prompt: I don't know if this counts as a kink meme prompt, but I'd love to see Orana's thoughts about events in game from the meeting of Hawke to endgame.
It is essentially the same fic, just cleaned up a bit for typos, missed words and the occasional minor rephrasing (to avoid repeated words, imagery, etc).

Why I loved it: This is one of my favourite fics ever, I have to say. It's m!Hawke/Fenris, but it focuses on Orana, her thoughts, her point of view and I really love it. I love her friendship with Hakwe and Fenris.

6. Title: Window to Your Soul (at Tumblr *HERE*, picture *HERE*)
Author: ranchelle
Pairing(s) male!Hawke/Fenris
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word Count: 997
Warnings: -
Summary: A short drabble inspired by Frikadeller@tumblr's fanart of Hawke and Fenris. Hawke realises that Fenris's ears are as expressive as his eyes.

Why I loved it: This is one of the most adorable ficlets ever, I think. This is why I also included the link to the picture. I love it so much - m!Hawke and Fenris deserve a lot of fluff and happiness.

7. Title: For The Day
Author: MsBarrows
Pairing(s) Nathaniel Howe/Anders, Oghren, male!Cousland
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 14,385
Warnings: -
Summary: Written as part of the Sugar'n'Spice Valentine's Day exchange on the People of Thedas community on Dreamwidth, as a gift for the_morningstar616. Nathaniel Howe finds himself being gently pursued by Anders, and doesn't understand what the other man sees in him.

Why I loved it: Awww, brooding!Nate and Anders talking to him. Nate's self-esteem is low and the way he wonders what does Anders see in him makes me want to hug him. I love their interaction and how much Anders wants to spend time with Nate. It's wonderful nd a bit angsty, but I enjoyed reading it.

8. Title: A Little Romance (at DA!Meme *HERE*)
Author: kelcat
Pairing(s) Nathaniel Howe/Anders
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Word Count: 4,527
Warnings: -
Summary: Nathaniel takes Anders to Amaranthine for a date, where more than one surprise awaits him.

Why I loved it: There is just not enough romance and fluff for those two, so I decided to include this fic on the list. Nate asks Anders out on a date. And he tries so hard, because people don't see him as a romantic person. Aw, Nate.

9. Title: 5 Times Bull Took Care of Dorian + 1 Time Dorian Took Care of Bull
Author: ohgeelato
Pairing(s) Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus, Female Trevelyan, Cole, Josephine Montilyet, Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi, Bull's Chargers, Cassandra Pentaghast
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 5,891
Warnings: -
Summary: What it says on the tin. A few vignettes that sort of interlinks about Bull and Dorian's blossoming relationship. Absolute, complete fluff.

Why I loved it: I have to sat I have a huge soft spot for Bull in romantic, fluffy fics. And Dorian deserves some fluff and romance as well. I like how protective of each other those two are, how they both get used to spending time around one another and how they learn to care about each other. It's nice. Also, bonus for the Chargers being absolutely amazing.

10. Title: The Heart of the Labyrinth
Author: Barkour
Pairing(s) Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus, Male Lavellan/Cassandra Pentaghast, Josephine Montilyet, Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi, Bull's Chargers
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 12,172
Warnings: -
Summary: Matters come to a head for the Bull and Dorian on an otherwise routine mission.

Why I loved it: Oh, that one is good. Pre-relationship, there's a lot of banter, arguing, Bull and Dorian being themselves and choosing the worst times for interactions and then trying to work things out. Ah, the beauty of this pairing. So much snipping at each other and then making up. And the Chargers are awesome and protective of Bull. Krem talking to Bull, though. And the Chargers wanting to help. In their own way. I love it.

11. Title: Must Be (This Tall) To Ride
Author: Iambic
Pairing(s) Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus, Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi, Skinner, Dalish, Grim, Stitches
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 3,498
Warnings: -
Summary: Chief's getting real close with that 'Vint mage. Too close, if you ask the Chargers.
Something has to be done about it.

Why I loved it: The Chargers are extremaly protective of Bull and since Bull and Dorian's relationship is progressing, the Chargers have to make sure Bull is okay. Oh, did I mention I love the Chargers? I love how protective they are.

12. Title: Sleepless in Skyhold
Author: Lost_gallifrey
Pairing(s) Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus, Cole
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 1,457
Warnings: -
Summary: Cole is dying of the blight, The Iron Bull is oblivious, Dorian just wants to sleep......

Why I loved it: Cole is sick and goes to Dorian and Bull for help. Moreover, it is mentioned taht Cole and Krem interacted with each other, which makes me ridiculously happy. It's really sweet and I like that Bull and Dorian let Cole stay and cuddle with them. I'm so protective of Cole.

13. Title: Long Way Home
Author: SABATHco
Pairing(s) Iron Bull/male!Adaar
Rating: Not Rated (I would say Teen and Up Audiences)
Word Count: 6,243
Warnings: -
Summary: Adaar takes Bull to meet his mother. Angst, comfort, fluff, romance, awkward. Post Inquisition

Why I loved it: Bull meeting Adaar's mother. There's just not enough of Bull/male!Inquisitor fics, and I love the "meeting the aprents" trope, so this fic made me happy. I like Adaar's mother and how the Qun/Tal-Vashoth issue was mentioned. And mama Adaar is so protective! And Bull is a bit awkward because he never had to do anything like that before.

14. Title: Skyhold Café
Author: megan_moonlight
Pairing(s) Iron Bull/male!Trevelyan, Sera, Dorian Pavus, Cole, Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi, Cassandra Pentaghast, Blackwall, Lace Harding, Dalish, Skinner, Michel de Chevin
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Word Count: 5,417
Warnings: -
Summary: Sometimes Maxwell wondered how he ended up being a co-owner of a coffee-shop when he didn't even like coffee, but well, Josephine and Leliana were very persuasive when they wanted to be.

Why I loved it: A coffe shop!AU I wrote because I just couldn't help it. I will continue with this 'verse because I love it, and I kind of got attached to this whole idea. Lots of friendships, I plan to maybe add more characters and ships, we will see. Let me tell you, I loved writing that one :)

15. Title: Salted Caramel
Author: Byacolate & mywordsflyup
Pairing(s) Felix Alexius/Carver Hawke, Bethany Hawke, Dorian Pavus, Hawke, Leandra Hawke, Gereon Alexius, Livia Arida, Merrill, Isabela, Fenris, Anders, Varric Tethras
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Word Count: 33,351
Warnings: -
Summary: Biceps and tiptoes and farm boys, oh my.

Why I loved it: I have never considered this ship before, but it's actually a pretty good idea. And the fic is great. Carver and Felix differ so much but still work so well together, even when they disagree about food. I love it.

16. Title: Rain
Author: wargoddess
Pairing(s) Herren/Wade
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 1,395
Warnings: -
Summary: They met in the rain.

Why I loved it: There is just not enough Herren/Wade fics around, so I just had to include my favourite on the list. It's a story about how they met and how they started working together after Herren helps Wade. It's nice. I have such a huge soft spot for those two.

17. Title: floriography
Author: jelenedra
Pairing(s) Lace Harding/Josephine Montilyet
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 3,001
Warnings: -
Summary: When the Inquisitor asks how Skyhold is treating her, Harding can't help the smile on her face when she says, "Ambassador Montilyet sent me a basket of flowers."

Why I loved it: I think its one of the sweetest ships ever. I like the idea of Josie and Lace sending each other flowers.

18. Title: Stirring (at DA!meme *HERE*)
Author: JPeterson
Pairing(s) Josephine Montilyet/Female Trevelyan, Dorian Pavus
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 4,068
Warnings: -
Summary: “Right.” A scoff. “Because the whole Herald, Inquisitor and Fadewalker business just hasn't quite managed to fill up my quota of abnormality.”

Why I loved it: Asexual!f!Trevelyan disussing her feelings with Dorian. It's a fill for the DA!meme. I love it so much. There's not many stories about asexual Inquisitors, so I was very happy to find this one. Also, Dorian is a wonderful friend.

19. Title: Immutable, Formless
Author: TCFandom
Pairing(s) Josephine Montilyet/Female Trevelyan, Crimisius "Krem" Aclassi, the team
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 6,455
Warnings: -
Summary: Inquisitor Trevelyan has struggled with her body not matching her soul for years, but had at least achieved comfort in no one else knowing and treating her any differently for it. After Cole accidentally outs her secret, she steels herself for the reactions of others, especially dreading what a certain ambassador might think of her now…

Why I loved it: What is says in the summary. I want to hug pretty much everyone in this fic, but especially Evelyn. She's going trough so much, and I love her and Krem talking.

20. Title: Walk a Mile on this Crutch
Author: AParticularlyLargeBear
Pairing(s) Leliana/Female Surana, Cullen Rutherford, Leliana, Alistair, Morrigan, Sten, Wynne, Greagoir, Female Tabris, Dog
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 30,635
Warnings: -
Summary: Or, 'five times having only one leg was an issue, and once that it wasn't.' A dip into the life of Rosemary Surana and her adventures in the Blight, and the struggles she encountered along the way.

Why I loved it: A great fic 5+1 fic and a nice insight into the characters from Origins. Surana is great, and while I'm never convinced by the characters' friendships with Cullen, I like how the rest of the characters is written, and how Surana deals with everything that stands in her way.

21. Title: Say Geronimo
Author: cautionzombies
Pairing(s) Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi/Lace Harding, Josephine Montilyet, Female Inquisitor, Cullen Rutherford, Leliana
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 6,032
Warnings: -
Summary: “Small package of murder, huh?”
He laughs. “I knew they’d tell you that.”
“It’s the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.”
“I’m sure I can think of better ones.”

Why I loved it: This is a sweet fic, and Krem and Lace are absolutely brilliant together. I love their conversations, interaction and how they work together.


22. Title: it's about belonging
Author: cautionzombies
Pairing(s) Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi & Bull's Chargers, Iron Bull, Stitches, Skinner, Dalish, Grim, Rocky
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 8,036
Warnings: Dysphoria and transphobia mentioned.
Summary: Well, it’s finally happened. They’ve figured it out. Two years, a handful of concussions, more scars than he can count, and suddenly it all means nothing. That’s Tevinter gratitude for you.

Why I loved it: Krem meets the Chargers and joins their team. I have a soft spot for all the Chargers and I enjoyed this fic a lot. It describes the story from the moment when Krem runs into Bull for the first time and Bull saves him. Krem is badass and the Chargers are amazing and... yeah, I like this fic.

23. Title: The Bull and his Duckling
Author: Kat2107
Pairing(s) Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi & Iron Bull, Iron Bull/Dorian Pavus, Iron Bull/Original Character, Maevaris Tilani
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 10,271
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, transphobia, treaths
Summary: Krem is a fugitive. And he gets caught. And things get ugly. And then they get kind of miraculous.
Bull is a Qunari spy and actually, all he wanted was alcohol. Then things get ugly.
People die. But not the kid. He´s keeping that kid.

Why I loved it: Another fic about Krem joining the Chargers and how the friendship between Bull and Krem starts. And how they become protective of each other. It's a nice series that explores friendships.

24. Title: Axe vs Arrow
Author: megan_moonlight
Pairing(s) Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi & Sera, Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi & Iron Bull, Female Adaar/Sera, Dorian Pavus, Dalish, Stitches, Bull's Chargers
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 4,219
Warnings: -
Summary: Krem and Sera make quite a good team, especially when they work together to break everyone out of a Venatori camp.

Why I loved it: A next fic I'm extremaly proud of. I like the idea of friendship between Krem and Sera and as soon as I saw a prompt on the DA!meme, I just knew I had to write something in which they're both badass and saving everyone. So, yes, I'm definitely going to rec it.

25. Title: They
Author: FlowerCrownOfPoppy
Pairing(s) Cole, Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi, Cassandra Pentaghast, Iron Bull, Dorian Pavus
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 2,457
Warnings: -
Summary: Cole grows increasingly confused by gender and seeks out advice.

Why I loved it: What the summary says. Now that COle is more human he tries to understand more about himself, and he asks various members of the Inquisition for help. I love Krem helping Cole and talking to him - it's a really nice piece about friendships and Cole discovering himself.

26. Title: Life Lessons
Author: SealedAsBefore
Pairing(s) Cole, Blackwall, Varric Thetras, Dorian Pavus, Male Trevelyan, Solas
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 7,430
Warnings: -
Summary: After the final battle, Cole remains at Skyhold, coming to terms with his life now that he is mostly human. There are many things for him to learn, and so many experiences for him to have. Thankfully, his friends have made it their duty to show him a little bit of everything.

Why I loved it: Another fic about Cole learning to be human, this time including subjects like eating, bathing, clothes, sleeping and hobbies. So many people care about Cole and want to help him, and I love it. Cole is precious and should be loved and protected.

27. Title: Of Flowers and Happiness, The Elusive Nature Of Which
Author: Anon
Pairing(s) Cole, Female Trevelyan, Iron Bull, Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi, Lace Harding, Josephine Montilyet, Varric Thetras, Solas, Dorian, Leliana, Blackwall, Vivienne, Cullen Rutherford, Sera
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: +2,200
Warnings: -
Summary: Cole learns how to make flower crowns.

Why I loved it: Cole and flower crowns! It's absolutely adorable and I love it. This fic is marked as unfinished but it basically focuses on Cole making flower crowns for separate people in separate chapters, so it can be read as finished. it's really sweet, especially Cole making a flower crown for Bull. Bull loves pretty things! And Cole braiding flowers into Blackwall's beard is hilarious. I love the line “Everything works with our image if you wear it right.” I love it. I just had to share.

28. Title: Balancing Act
Author: CatKing_Catkin
Pairing(s) Cole, Iron Bull, Sera (mentioned)
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 2372
Warnings: -
Summary: "But you hate demons."
"Listen, Cole. You might be a weird, squirrely kid, but you're my weird, squirrely kid."
The Inquisitor brought Iron Bull and Cole to the Winter Palace, because misery often loves company. Since neither of them brought a jar of bees to entertain themselves with, they wind up keeping one another company. More to the point, Iron Bull does the best he can to keep Cole safe in the midst of much too many political schemers.
Cole, meanwhile, is well aware that he's out of his depth, in the sort of place he could never have imagined being before joining the Inquisition. As always, he has questions. As always, Iron Bull does the best he can to answer, even if the best way to do so is to take Cole by the hands and walk him through the steps.

Why I loved it: I never knew I needed a friendship fic in which Bull teaches Cole how to dance until I've read this fic. It was so sweet!

29. Title: no one left behind
Author: Anon
Pairing(s) Dorian Pavus, Blackwall, Cullen Rutherford, f!Inquisitor, Solas (mentioned)
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: +950
Warnings: -
Summary: Blackwall being protective of Dorian during the Winter Palace quest.

Why I loved it: Due to being from Tevinter Dorian is very badly treated by people during the ball, and Blackwall doesn't like it. I love how he asks Dorian to dance to cheer him up. I love those two being friends! And I love that Cullen asks Dorian for a dance as well. It's really sweet.

30. Title: The Shield and Spear
Author: Bullfinch
Pairing(s) Iron Bull, Aveline Vallen
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 2,017
Warnings: -
Summary: Iron Bull sees Guard-Captain Aveline on the battlefield. Instantly smitten, he asks her for a sparring match.

Why I loved it: Bull and Aveline sparring. That was enough to keep me interested. It shows how badass Aveline is, which is great. She's an amazing, skilled warrior. And Bull does have a thing for read-heads, right?


1. Bull/Dorian by kashuan (some pictures NSFW?) - it's a few realy sweet and nice Adoribull sketches.
2. Dorian/Cullen by kimurantti (SFW) - I'm not a fan of this ship, really, but the picture is so gorgeous! Ah, chess.
3. Dorian!male/Trevelyan by qissus (SFW) - This one is absolutley gorgeous. Just wow.
4. Fenris/male!Hawke - Just Get Down here by seisei (SFW) - that one is gorgeous. The details are perfect and so is the pose and the height difference.
5. Fenris/male!Hawke by frikadeller (SFW) - Modern!AU. I love m!Hawke/fenris in modern!au and this picture is exactly how I imagine them.
6. Fenris/male!Hawke by brightfallenstars (SFW) - this one is sweet.
7. Fenris/male!Hawke by onisright (SFW) - Merman!Fenris. I found it only now so I couldn't add it to my merfolk post, but here is it.
8. Fenris/male!Hawke by doomcheese (SFW) - a pretty linear artwork of Hawke and Fenris. The details of their clothes are amazing.
9. Fenris/male!Hawke by danji-doodle (SFW?) - m!Hawke and Fenris sleeping.
10. Fenris/male!Hawke by danji-doodle (SFW) - Fenris is cold.
11. Fenris/male!Hawke & Bull/Dorian by danji-doodle (SFW?) - DOUBLE DATE! I LOVE IT <3 <3 <3
12. Josephine/Cassandra by stonelions (SFW) - Cassandra leaving and Josie with a flower. It's a beautiful piece.
13. Josephine/female!Adaar by cleodoesart (SFW) - wedding day
14. Josephine/female!Adaar by scribblinghoss (SFW) - Adaar and Josie kiss.
15. Sera/female!Adaar - Us-Cookies by striped-stocking (SFW) - it's so sweet, romantic and adorable!
16. Sera/Dagna by gloriousdownfall (SFW) - Modern!AU. They're both so wonderful.
17. Sera/female!Adaar by gloriousdownfall (SFW) - kissing!

18. Bull's Chargers by sairobee (SFW) - team friendship! This picture is so adorable! <3
19. Blackwall & Sera by atarial (SFW) - I adore the friendship between those two, so it's nice to see pictures of them.
20. Dorian & Sera by tuherrus (SFW) - awww, this one is a hug, and it makes me emotional.
21. Cole & Sera by gloriousdownfall (SFW) - Modern!AU. I love it when Cole and Sera end up being friends and on this picture they look badass.
22. Ladies of the Inquisition by gloriousdownfall (SFW) - Modern!AU. All the ladies look so badass! I really love this picture.
23. Bull, Dorian & Sera by naizee (SFW) - Team!Badass being awesome.
24. Pulp!Inquisition by agarthanguide (SFW) - Pulp!Magazines covers version. IT'S SO BRILLIANT. I had to share.

Single Characters
25. Anders by kf1n3 (SFW) - Anders using healing magic.
26. Aveline Vallen by fruitoverdose (SFW) - a wonderful art of warrior!Aveline, pre!Kirkwall days. I love it.
27. Cole by eristhenat (SFW) - it's a beautiful art of Cole and the water background fits so well.
28. Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi by wehavekookies (SFW) - That is a gorgeous art of Krem in black-red colours. It's gorgeous.
29. Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi by bottleshark (SFW) - Another beautiful piece, this time in warm colours! So pretty.
30. Fenris by onisright (SFW) - Victorian!era. I have a huge soft spot for Fenris reading books.
31. Fenris by viktopia (SFW) - Fenris in his armour.
32. Lace Harding by kashuan (SFW) - Harding is adorablr and the picture is adorable as well.
33. Leliana by gloriousdownfall (SFW) - this one is dark-ish, but so good. Fits Inquisition!Leliana very well.
34. Sera by gloriousdownfall (SFW) - that one is so good!
35. Desire Demon by bluewickedbehemoth (SFW?) - there is not many art pieces for male desire demons, and this one is gorgeous.

*Mood*: happyhappy
Profiterole_profiterole_ on February 4th, 2016 08:21 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the art recs! :-)

Fenris is so cute in #6 (look at me knowing which one is Fenris ^^).
Megan Moonlight: fenrismegan_moonlight on February 5th, 2016 06:44 pm (UTC)
This fandom is so full of beautiful fanart and great fics... I really love it <3

I have a soft spot for pictures of Fenris smiling (and for Fenris in general), because after everything he's been through in his life he deserves something to smile about. In the game he smiles very, very rarely.
Julie: Original ★ OT4ragnarok_08 on February 4th, 2016 09:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the art recs and the fics :D
Megan Moonlight: emmamegan_moonlight on February 5th, 2016 06:40 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed them :)