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23 June 2016 @ 10:01 am
Rare Pair Fest 2016 Letter  
Hello, dear writer!

It's my first time taking part in this exchange and I'm very excited about it! I love each of the pairings I mentioned equally, so any you'll pick from this list will be absolutely fine with me :)

I will start with listeing my likes and dislikes, just to make things easier, and foreach fandom I'll include a list of things I dislki in each of them, just in case.

So, let us start...

LIKES: Huddling for warmth, library/bookstore!AU, coffee shop/diner!AU, first times, fake marriages/relationships becoming real, hurt/comfort, fluff, pining, get-together, happy endings, getting caught by friends, adventures, humour, witty conversations, banter, asexuality/asexual characters (LGBTQ themes in general), meeting the family, 5 + 1 fics, friendships (I especially have a soft spot for male-female friendships).
I'm okay with all the ratings.

DISLIKES: Rape/non-con, dub-con, genderbend, slave!fic, A/B/O, mpreg, mind control, dismissing/demonising female characters, character bashing, incest, underage, abusive relationships presented as romantic, infidelity, harming animals, heavy angst without happy ending, de-aging, ageplay, historical AUs, major character death, bathroom stuff, amnesia!fic, break up!fics

And now to specific fandoms:

due South

Pairings of choice: Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio

Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski/Ray Vecchio

I love how they work together. All three of them are different, each of them completes the other two, and I like to see that expressed in fics. I also like it when F/K/V fics focus on Kowalski or Vecchio, how they deal with their emotions, their relationship with Fraser, but also their feelings towards each other. I love the Ray/Ray banter a lot.

Some ideas:
- Fraser has to leave for a while, Kowalski and Vecchio stay in Chicago. However, their relationship is still in the early stages, and Kowalski and Vecchio still learn how what is between them works. They deal with their feelings for one another, but it's difficult when Fraser is not there to translate some things for them, even if they call him every chance they get.
- Vecchio cooks/organizes a first date for all three of them.
- Frannie finds out about their relationship by accident, she's surprised but supportive.

The Flash (TV 2014)

Pairings of choice: Barry Allen/Hartley Rathaway, Earth-2 Harrison Wells/Joe West, Jefferson "Jax" Jackson/Wally West, Linda Park/Iris West

General fandom dislikes: Barry/Iris (I love their friendship though), disrespecting/dismissing Iris, Hartley being a heartless bad guy, Harry being cruel.

Barry Allen/Hartley Rathaway

I really care about Hartley and I wish he had more screentime in the show, because he's awesome. I liked the interactions between him and Barry and their banter, and I also like seeing Hartley spending time/working with Team Flash.

Some ideas:
- Hartley joins Team Flash and not everyone is happy about it, since they still don't trust him much (maybe even after he had saved them from the wraith). Then Hartley saves Barry life.
- Barry searches for Hartley to ask him for help with a case he's working on.
- Barry brings Hartley home to introduce him to Joe, Iris and Wally as his boyfriend.

Earth-2 Harrison Wells/Joe West

I started shipping those two only recently, but I really like the idea of them bonding over having so many people to take care of and being protective dads.

Some ideas:
- After Joe saves Jesse or Harry saves Iris and/or Wally, Harry and Joe get closer. They end up spending more time together, bonding over the fact that they both look out for the entire team/their kids.
- They have an one night stand. Things are very awkward for a while, but they learn that they would enjoy a relationship.

Jefferson "Jax" Jackson/Wally West

This one is also a new ship on my list, but I love the idea of those two meeting. It'd be great to see them interacting.

Some ideas:
- Jax and Wally work together and end up saving the team. They stay in touch after that.
- Wally tells Iris, Joe and Barry that he's dating Jax. After that Jax is invited to a family dinner.

Linda Park/Iris West

I wish those two had more screentime together in the show, because I think they would work together quite well. It'd be great to see them working together on projects, hanging out, and being awesome.

Some ideas:
- they work on a project together and end up learning a lot about each other.
- Iris is the person Linda goes to when she needs to talk about everything that had happened after Linda worked with Team Flash.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Pairings of choice: Merlin/Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, Harry Hart/Merlin/Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, James!Lancelot/Percival

Merlin/Gary "Eggsy" Unwin & Harry Hart/Merlin/Gary "Eggsy" Unwin

I love Eggsy and Merlin interacting in general, and I like them interacting with Harry. The teasing, banter, Eggsy being awesome, smug and adorkable - I like it all. I also enjoy Eggsy's friendship with Roxy, so I definitely wouldn't mind if it appears as well.

Some ideas:
- post-movie, Merlin has been working a lot, and Eggsy (and Harry) work together to get him to relax and distract him.
- library!AU. Doesn't matter if it's Eggsy or Merlin working in a library, I would just love to read a library!AU for this fandom.


I adore those two, even if they didn't get much screentime in the movie and I'm still pretty much in denial about what had happened to James during the movie.

Some ideas:
- Percival becomes Arthur and James (who is totally alive and recovering) teases him about it.
- Percival learns that James is alive and recovering, but for some reason is kept somewhere in secret, and asks Roxy for help with finding him.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Pairings of choice: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes/T'Challa, James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Sam Wilson, T'Challa/Sam Wilson, Nick Fury/Jasper Sitwell, Maria Hill/Melinda May, Kraglin Obfonteri/Yondu Udonta, Peter Quill/Garthan Saal

General fandom dislikes: Clint/Natasha, romantic relationships established in the Age of Ultron, Steve/Tony, Loki, Sam and Bucky hating each other and being cruel to each other, Sitwell being a bad guy, HYDRA!Steve, plotlines focusing on HYDRA.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson

I love their relationship and friendship. I also love the banter (especially between Sam and Bucky), Sam and Bucky teasing Steve, and Sam and Steve supporting and comforting Bucky when he needs it. Those three give me a lot of feelings.

Some ideas:
- bakery!AU. Sam runs a bakery and Steve and Bucky are cops who one day order about 20 donuts of different kinds. And both of them are flirting with him.
- Sam is sick/has a bad day, and Steve and Bucky take care of him for a change and cheer him up.

James "Bucky" Barnes/T'Challa

After everything that has happened during Civil War I cannot not ship Bucky/T'Challa. There is a lot of tension between them, but T'Challa helps Bucky, offers him a place to stay, and I like how their interactions develop.

Some ideas:
- Bucky is not very good at communicating his interest in T'Challa, which leads to some very strange flirting.
- Bucky doesn't understand why would T'Challa be interested in him so he ignores T'Challa for a while, which makes T'Challa think that Bucky is not interested in him. But Bucky is interested. Sam and Steve help them communicate.
- sparring quickly becomes one of Bucky and T'Challa's favourite way to pass the time.

James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Sam Wilson

I think it'd be interesting to see how they both deal with everthing that has happpened post-Civil War. Especially considering how protective of Rhodey Tony is, and how protective of Sam Steve is. So, yeah, that could be intersting, but any other scenario is fine as well!

Some ideas:
- Sam and Rhodey dealing with what had happened post-Civil War.
- Tony and/or Steve walking in on Sam and Rhodey being all sweet in Sam or Rhodey's bedroom.
- Sam and Rhodey meeting each other for the first time.
- All the fluff.

T'Challa/Sam Wilson

I started shipping those two when Sam started to make cat jokes. Who wouldn't be charmed by Sam's flirting skills, his attitude and his sense of humour?

Some ideas:
- Sam coming up with as many cat jokes as he can, and T'Challa secretly enjoying all of them.
- diner!AU in which T'Challa is in a hurry before an important meeting and decides to eat in Sam's diner. He is impressed not only with the food.
- Sam really loves T'Challa's huge, fancy bath tub.

Nick Fury/Jasper Sitwell

I got into this ship only recently, but I'm very, very intrigued by how those two would work together in a relationship.

Some ideas:
- any get-together fic.
- Jasper is alive and he was working as a triple agent for the whole time, and after a while Nick finds him.
- Phil, Maria, Felix or other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents accidentally find out about Nick and Jasper's relationship.

Maria Hill/Melinda May

Maria and Melinda are both badass and I think they would work very well together. It would be great to see a fic in which they can be badass together.

Some ideas:
- Maria and Melinda teaming up to save Phil's team.
- going together on a mission for the first time.

Kraglin Obfonteri/Yondu Udonta

I didn't expect to ship those two as much as I ship them now. When it comes to GotG, I like the friendships, I like it when the Ravagers meet and interact with the Guardians, and Yondu and Kraglin interact with Peter. I also like fics about young!Peter.

Some ideas:
- Yondu and Kraglin save the Guardians, and Yondu or Kraglin are remembering how one or both of them saved Peter from trouble when Peter was younger.
- Kraglin distracting Yondu from work.
- 5 times Peter almost walked in on Kraglin and Yondu and 1 time he did.

Peter Quill/Garthan Saal

Another instance in which I love the idea of the banter and all the teasing that I'm pretty sure is happening between those two. Peter annoying Saal until Saal starts to pay attention to him, Peter distracting Saal from his work (sometimes even successfully), Saal getting Peter out of trouble, Saal interacting with the Guardians - I like it all. I love Saal in general.

Some ideas:
- post-movie, the Guardians visit Saal in the hospital. Then they find out that Peter and Saal have a complicated relationship.
- Saal has a conversations about Peter with Yondu and Yondu plays an overprotective dad.
- 4 times Saal had to get Peter (and the Guardians) out of trouble and 1 time Peter got Saal out of trouble.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Pairings of choice: Joey Gutierrez/Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie, Leo Fitz/Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie, Victoria Hand/Melinda May

General fandom dislikes: Skye, Ward, Fitz/Simmons, Sitwell being a bad guy, plotlines focused on HYDRA.
If it's possible, I'd like it if Skye didn't appear, but appearances of other characters are absolutely fine.

Joey Gutierrez/Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie & Leo Fitz/Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie

I think they both work very well and I have a huge soft spot for Mack taking care of people in general. In this fandom I love hurt/comfort fics, fluff, characters being sweet and friendships, especially the friendship between Fitz and Simmons.

Some ideas:
- high school!AU.
- Joey or Fitz are hurt during a mission, and Joey takes care of them.
- Mack surprising Joey or Fitz with a breakfast in bed and being all sweet and caring.

Victoria Hand/Melinda May

Another instance in which I just love it when two badass female characters work together. And Melinda and Victoria are very badass.

Some ideas:
- they both can be very competitive, and their bets are a source of dozens of stories told among the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.
- Melinda and Victoria understand each other very well and numerous agents are confused by their non-verbal communication (their friends - Phil, Jasper, Nick - are used to it, though).

Thank you for reading the letter. I hope you'll enjoy writing whichever plot/pairing you will end up choosing :) I'm looking forward to reading your fic and thank you again!

*Mood*: excitedexcited
Ad Absurdum: S.H.I.E.L.D. logoad00absurdum on June 24th, 2016 10:31 pm (UTC)
You clearly have not seen the light that is Capsicoul. It is blinding :D

I’m actually curious, though: how do you make Coulson/Hawkeye work? Barton’s got a wife and kids. Well, at least in the cinematic universe. Comic books are different?

And Fury/Coulson? That’s, like… You know, I was going to say ‘sick’ but I can actually see it working. Good idea :D

I’m not singing up for the fest – I’m really bad at writing for a set deadline (and I’m also really bad at writing in general recently). Besides, there are no tags – which I assume means there were no nominations – for the pairings I would consider writing for. No Capsicoul, no Coulson/Fitz, no Clark Gregg/Chris Evans (haaa, you didn't see that coming. Something that popped into my head when I saw RPF was allowed. I seriously dunno why it wasn’t nominated. People have no imagination these days. Or they don't listen to Clark Gregg).

I’ve only seen season 1 of AoS as well, but I’m about to get my hands on season 2 and then hopefully season 3 when it comes out in September. I’m going to binge-watch S1 and S2 when I’ve got holidays in August. Two weeks of solid quality entertainment and when someone asks me how I'm gonna spend that time, I can just say I plan to see Tahiti. I hear it's a magical place :D
Megan Moonlight: phil/clint2megan_moonlight on June 27th, 2016 07:27 pm (UTC)
I'm 100% sure I won't see it :P I like their friendship a lot, though.

You see, I ship Phil/Clint since the first Thor movie came out. It means they're my MCU OTP for the last 5 years. One movie is not going to ruin that XD Besides, you should know that canon can not stop the shippers :P
Also, I have dozens of headcanons for them, there are more than a 8000 fics about them on AO3 and people keep writing more. If I had to pick my Top 3 ships ever, from all my fandoms (and you know how many fandoms I love), Phil/Clint would definitely be among them. I keep writing fics about them, too. I love this ship to pieces.

I haven't considered Phil/Clint/Nick until I've read one series that made me see this OT3 in a new light. Now I have a weird soft spot for it.

I decided not to watch AoS until the show finally ends and I can see how it ends. I've read what happens in the next seasons and I don't like some things plot-wise, but I'm also not a fan of shows in which a lot of characters die and other characters shift loyalties all the time. It bores and annoys me. But I do like to read AoS fics sometimes.
Though I'm considering watching the episodes in which Mack and Fitz have screentime together (I ship them so hard), because I love how their interactions are portrayed in fics, and the episodes in which Joey appears.

In general, when it comes to MCU and all the productions it consists of, I prefer fics than what happens in canon. Ignoring a lot of what happens in MCU canon (especially things I'm very angry about) is easy for me because of that XD