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05 October 2016 @ 07:55 pm
Dear Yuletide Author Letter (2016)  
Dear Yuletide author,

Thank you so much for doing this! It's my first time taking part in the Yuletide exchange, and I'm very glad I decided to sign up, and that we got paired up.

Even if for some of the fandoms I requested I'll provide more information than for the others, I like all of them equally, so I'll be happy to receive a fic for any of them.

First I'll mention my general likes and dislikes to give you an idea of what I usually read. I'll also provide some prompt ideas, just in case you needed inspiration, but feel free to come up with your own ideas, too, or mix those I have provided, if you want. I want you to enjoy writing this story, too :)

LIKES: Fluff, hurt/comfort, humour, adventures, banter, friendships, fics about asexuality/asexual characters, AUs (especially library/bookshop!AU, flower shop!AU, veterinarian!AU, and werewolf!AU), happy endings and fix-it fics.
Shipping-wise (if you decide to write a shipping fic) my favourite tropes are: first times, get together, fake marriages/relationships becoming real, misunderstandings, banter, fluff and curtain!fics. I'm a pretty vanilla person overall.
I'm a fan of shippy fics (especially slash and femslash), but I also love friendships!fics/gen, and I'm okay with all the ratings, too, so I'm not very picky about that.

DISLIKES: Rape/non-con, dub-con, genderbend, slave!fic, A/B/O, mpreg (kid fics in general aren't really my thing), demonising female characters, character/ship bashing in general, incest, underage, abusive relationships presented as romantic, infidelity, harming/death of animals (including hunting etc.), heavy angst without happy ending, graphic torture, unrequited love, de-aging, ageplay, historical AUs, major character death/death!fic, break up!fic.

Other details:


Characters Requested: Gregory Valentine, Peter Niedermayer, Everett Backstrom, Nadia Paquet

I absolutely love this series and the fact that it was not continued still makes me sad, which is why I'm very happy that there was a possibility of requesting a fic for it. I loved the friendships that were introduced in the show, I liked how all the main characters worked together, and I loved this team in general.
I'm a fan of the friendships between all the characters I requested, and I love that all four of them are so different, but they care about one another and work together well. If you'd prefer to go for a shipping fic, though, I'm a fan of Valentine/Niedermayer, but you don't have to include it if you don't want to, since I love the friendship between Valentine and Niedermayer as well :)

Prompt Ideas:
- Backstrom gets in trouble, and it's Valentine who realizes that something is wrong. Maybe by himself, maybe working with Niedermayer and Paquet, he tries to find Backstrom.
- Backstrom being protective of Valentine and glaring at a people Valentine is interested in.
- Valentine flirting with people when Backstrom is around, because he knows it annoys Backstrom.
- Valentine decides to help Backstrom with a case, and he and Paquet end up working together.


Characters Requested: Henry Hart, Pike Dexter

This is one of my favourite movies ever, I have to say, and I absolutely love everything about it. It never fails to make me smile. Pike and Henry are wonderful and I love their relationship, and the fact that everyone from the city supports and cares about them is amazing.

Prompt Ideas:
- Development of Pike and Henry's relationship, exploring how their lives look post-movie (maybe something fluffy?).
- Pike finds Henry's sketchbook and accidentaly finds sketches of himself there.
- Pike and Henry re-paint the house together.


Characters Requested: Jake Vickers, Simon Reddington, Lino Moretti, Donna Prager

I developed a soft spot for this series rather quickly, and I really wish there were more fics about all the characters, because I find all of them intriguing. However, I decided to request Jake, Simon, Lino and Donna for the exchange, because they intrigue me the most. I love the friendship between Donna and Lino and how they support each other, the growing friendship between them and Jake, and I'm very curious about how Jake and Simon's relationships would have been developed later.

Prompt Ideas:
- Jake hanging out with Donna and Lino, and the devlopemt of the friendship between all three of them.
- Donna being awesome and saving Jake and Lino.
- Simon and Jake (and possibly Lino and Donna?) actually working on the same case and being on the same side for once.
- The development of Jake and Simon's relationship. Would Jake decide to stay with Simon? Would they break up and try to avoid one another, or would they become friends? (My personal assumption is that Simon and Jake talk about their issues, and after a while Simon does develop feelings for Jake, but you don't have to include it, of course :) )


Characters Requested: Kieren Walker, Simon Monroe

This is an amazing, amazing series, and I wish there was at least one more season to fully wrap up the main storyline. So many things could have happened. I loved Kieren, I loved the development of Kieren and Simon's relationship, how many issues they had to face and talk about, I loved Amy and her friendship with Kieren, and just all the storylines in general.
I ship Kieren and Simon a lot, but if you prefer to write a gen or friendship fic about them, feel free to :)

Prompt Ideas:
- Kieren and Simon dealing with what Simon's initial orders were and the fact that he had saved Kieren in the end.
- AU in which Simon is agoraphobic. One day Kieren moves in to a flat next door.
- Flower shop!AU.


Characters Requested: Dom Basaluzzo, Agustín Lanuez, Eddie, Doris

I have a huge soft spot for this series, and I still miss it a lot. I really wish it lasted longer so that the series had time to explore friendships and relationships of people who weren't Patrick or Kevin.
This is why the characters I requested are Dom, Doris, Agustín and Eddie. I love Dom's friendship with Doris, and the Agustín/Eddie plotline surprised me, but in a good way, because it made me actually warm up to Agustín. I love all four of these characters a lot.

Prompt Ideas:
- The development of Agustín and Eddie's relationship. Agustín coming to terms with his feelings for Eddie.
- Dom and Doris hanging out and enjoying themselves.
- Agustín talking to Dom about his relationship with Eddie, because he needed someone to talk to.


Characters Requested: Arnold, Josh

Please Like Me is such a lovely series, and I adore how it approaches humour and relationships. I love how it shows that people can be awkward, that everyone has their own issues to deal with, and no one is perfect, but they try to make things work.
Arnold and Josh are my favourite characters from the show, and this is why I decided to request them. I like their relationship a lot, be it friendship or a romantic relationship, and I wish there were more fics exploring it.

Prompt Ideas:
- Josh and Arnold meet a few weeks after the end of Season 3 to talk about their relationship.
- Josh convincing Arnold that he wants to be with him.
- Generally, something sweet and fluffy where Arnold smiles and is happy, be it in a romantic relationship or friendship, would be nice.

Well, I hope you'll find this letter helpful :) I hope you'll enjoy writing the fic, and I'm sure I'll love anything you decide to write!