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14 October 2018 @ 11:01 am
Dear Yuletide Author Letter (2018)  
Hello, Dear Author!

Thank you so much for taking part in the exchange! I'm glad we got paired up. I hope you'll find the information below helpful (I'll also provide some prompts but feel free to come up with your own ideas, of course). I enjoy all the fandoms I requested equally, so feel free to choose any of them :)

My general likes and dislikes:

LIKES: Fluff, hurt/comfort, humour, action/adventure, friendships, found families, fics about asexuality/asexual characters, AUs (especially library/bookshop!AU, flower shop!AU, werewolf!AU, space!AU) and happy endings.

For ship!fics, my favourite tropes are: first times, get together, fake relationships becoming real, misunderstandings, banter, meeting the family, and curtain!fics.

DISLIKES: Rape/non-con, genderbend, slave!fic, A/B/O, kid!fics, character/ship bashing, incest, underage, abusive relationships presented as romantic, infidelity, harming/death of animals (including hunting etc.), heavy angst without happy ending, graphic torture, unrequited love, de-aging, ageplay, historical AUs, major character death/death!fic, break up!fic, amnesia!fic.

Other details:



Characters Requested: Henry Hart, Pike Dexter

This is one of my favourite movies ever, I have to say, and I absolutely love everything about it. It never fails to make me smile. Pike and Henry are wonderful and I love their relationship, and the fact that everyone from the city supports and cares about them is amazing. I'd love to see something about Pike and Henry learning about their new relationship, what they both like, and just living together.

- Development of Pike and Henry's relationship, exploring how their lives look post-movie.
- Pike finds Henry's sketchbook and accidentaly finds sketches of himself there.
- Pike teaching Henry to cook.
- Pike and Henry re-paint the house together.


Characters Requested: Alice Gove, Donna Prager, Jake Vickers, Simon Reddington

I developed a soft spot for this series rather quickly, and I really wish there were more fics about all the characters, because I find all of them intriguing. However, I decided to request Jake, Simon, Lino and Donna for the exchange, because they intrigue me the most. I love the friendship between Donna and Lino and how they support each other, the growing friendship between them and Jake, and I'm very curious about how Jake and Simon's relationships would have been developed later.

- Jake hanging out with Donna and Alice, and the devlopemt of the friendship between them.
- Donna being awesome and saving Jake (and Simon?) during a case.
- Simon and Jake actually working on the same case and being on the same side for once.
- The development of Jake and Simon's relationship. Would Jake decide to stay with Simon? Would they break up and try to avoid one another, or would they become friends? (My personal assumption is that Simon and Jake talk about their issues, and after a while Simon does develop feelings for Jake, but you don't have to include it, of course :) )


Characters Requested: Agustín Lanuez, Dom Basaluzzo, Eddie, Lynn

I have a huge soft spot for this series, and I still miss it a lot. I really wish it lasted longer so that the series had time to explore friendships and relationships of people who weren't Patrick or Kevin.
This is why the characters I requested are Dom, Lynn, Agustín and Eddie. I love Dom's relationship with Lynn, and the Agustín/Eddie plotline surprised me, but in a good way, because it made me actually warm up to Agustín.

FANDOM DO-NOT-WANTS: Patrick's love problems and plotlines (mostly because I just want other people to get the spotlight)

- The development of Agustín and Eddie's relationship. Agustín coming to terms with his feelings for Eddie.
- Dom and Lynn talking about their relationship, what they both want and expect, and just hanging out and enjoying themselves (and making up).
- Agustín talking to Dom about his relationship with Eddie, because he needed someone to talk to.
- 3 times Eddie surprised Agustín, and 1 time Agustín surprised Eddie.

*LOVE SIMON (2018)*

Characters Requested: Bram Greenfeld, Simon Spier

I fell i love with this movie, and with Simon and Bram, so I decided it would be a great time to request a fic about them. I want to hug them both so much, and I'd love to find out more about them, their likes, dislikes, the development of their relationship, and everything else that comes to your mind.

- The first time Simon and Bram fall asleep together.
- Simon's family wants to meet Bram as Simon's boyfriend, and both Simon and Bram are a bit nervous about it.
- Simon and Bram's first official date ddoesn't go according to plan, but it's still awesome.
- Simon or Bram find out that the other is afraid of X (something of your choice) and hurt/comfort ensues.


Characters Requested: Hugh Culber, Michael Burnham, Paul Stamets, Sylvia Tilly

I love Star Trek: Discovery, and I love the characters it introduced, especially the four I requested. I'd love to read something about all for of them interacting, their likes/dislikes, friendship/relationship development, and perhaps some fix-it scenarios about what had happened to Culber.

FANDOM DO-NOT-WANTS: Culber staying dead, Tyler/Burnham, Mirror!verse

- Stamets and Tilly bond over sience and their significant others (because I love the friendship between those two nerds, and I love Culber/Stamets and Burnham/Tilly).
- Burnham needs a friendship/relationship advice and she goes to Culber, because she needs to talk to someone.
- During a mission Burnham, Tilly, Stamets, and Culber are trapped, and they have to work together to save themselves.
- Accidental double date between Culber/Stamets and Burnham/Tilly.


Characters Requested: Felix Brenner, Kala Dandekar, Rajan Rasal, Wolfgang Bogdanow

This series is precious, and I still think it deserved much more love and appreciation than it got. I was especially impressed with the development of the Wolfgang-Kala-Rajan relationship, because I never thought it'd develop the way it did. I love that both Wolfgang and Rajan were so caring towards Kala, that she loved them both, and all the scenes between Rajan and Wolfgang (especially the kiss!) were all kinds of amazing. So yes, that is why I chose to request those three, and Felix (because Felix should be appreciated and protected)

FANDOM DO-NOT-WANTS: Ignoring Rajan's relationship with Wolfgang, ignoring/demonising Rajan in general, Whispers, Lila

- Walfgang explaining his relationship with Kala and Rajan to Felix.
- Felix getting to know Rajan and Kala, and four of them just having fun and enjoying each other's company (because Wolfgang's friendship with Felix is precious).
- Rajan and Wolfgang get to know each other better, learn more about one other, and Kala enjoys watching them together.
- Anything fluffy Wolfgang/Rajan/Kala related, because I love this OT3, honestly.

So, that would be all, I guess. Thank you again for signing up for the exchange, and I hope you'll enjoy writing the fic :)br>

*Mood*: excitedexcited