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28 December 2018 @ 07:47 pm
For smallfandomfest: Dark Matter, Six/Three - "What Happens In the Dark..."  
Title: What Happens In the Dark, Stays in the Dark
Author: megan_moonlight
Date of Posting: December 28th, 2018
Rating: G
Fandom: Dark Matter
Characters/Pairings: Marcus Boone "Three"/Griffin Jones "Six" (pre-slash), Portia Lin "Two", others mentioned
Disclaimer: The characters © Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie. I make no money from this.
Summary: Someone kidnapped Three and Six and locked them in a room together. Three is not amused.
Spoilers: -
Warnings: -
Beta: -
Author's Notes: Written for Round 24 for the prompt: Dark Matter, Three - "What happens in the dark, stays in the dark."
It's my first fic for this fandom, so I hope it's not too bad.
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*Mood*: okayokay
Julieragnarok_08 on December 29th, 2018 04:42 am (UTC)
This fic was wonderful!