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Dear Author Letter (A Paragon of Their Kind Exchange 2021)

(A letter for 2021 A Paragon of Their Kind Exchange)

Hi, Author!

Thank you so, so much for taking part in the exchange! Below you'll find more about what I like and dislike, and also some prompts for each pairing I requested, in case you need some inspiration (you don't have to stick to them if you have your own ideas, though. obviously). I hope you'll find the information helpful :)

My general likes and dislikes:

LIKES: fluff, hurt/comfort, humour, action/adventure, friendships, found families, fics about asexuality/asexual characters, AUs (especially library/bookshop!AU, flower shop!AU, werewolf!AU) and happy endings.
For ship!fics, my favourite tropes are: first times, fake relationships becoming real, resolved misunderstandings, banter, meeting the family/friends, and curtain!fics.

DO NOT WANTS: Rape/non-con, queerphobia, genderbend, slave!fic, omega!verse, pregnancies, character/ship bashing, underage, abusive relationships presented as romantic, infidelity, harming/death of animals (including hunting etc.), heavy angst without happy ending, unrequited love, de-aging, historical AUs, major character death/death!fic, break up!fic, amnesia!fic.

DRAGON AGE specific DO NOT WANTS: Cullen Rutherford and Cullen ships, siding with templars, Alistair/Warden, female!Hawke, Fenris/Isabela, Anders being dead, Bull’s Chargers being dead

Pairings (in alphabetical order):


I really wish there were more fics about those three. I love party banter between Dorian and Blackwall, and I like to think that m!Cadash would enjoy it as well. There is so much potential for banter, teasing, jokes, and protectiveness here.

- m!Cadash takes both Dorian and Blackwall to the Winter Palace, and keeps flirting outrageously with them both every chance he gets,
- a romantic trip goes wrong… and then goes right,
- m!Cadash has a lot of nicknames/pet names for his boyfriends, some are better than the others.


Two badass rogues, and a badass warrior! I simply adore the idea of them together. The amount of fluff it’s possible to include in fics about this relationship is ridiculously high (to me, at least).

- Krem and Lace organize a date night to surprise Cole, and attempt to keep it a surprise from him,
- Cole practices gift giving,
- florist!AU.


Let me tell you, I still wish Krem was available as a romance option. I'd love to see m!Cadash and Krem spending more time together and being teased by the Chargers, m!Cadash talking to Krem more, and them learning more about one another. Flirting, reaching relationship milestones, fighting enemies side by side, it all sounds lovely to me.

- m!Cadash thinks he's being very subtle when he casually asks the Chargers about Krem's likes and dislikes. Turns out he's not subtle at all,
- tattoo parlor!AU,
- Krem and m!Cadash save the Chargers and/or other party members from (trouble of author's choice), because they are a badass couple.


And one more polyship on the list! Why pick between Dorian/Inquisitor, Bull/Inquisitor, and Bull/Dorian, when you can have Dorian/Inquisitor/Bull? I adore the idea of those three having adventures together, supporting one another, helping one another, and enjoying themselves.

- m!Cadash and Bull know exactly which buttons to push to make Dorian lose his mind,
- m!Cadash comes out as asexual to his boyfriends,
- AU in which Bull and m!Cadash are bodyguards.


Grim and Rocky definitely deserve more love and appreciation, since they’re both brilliant. I love the idea of the Chargers being supportive of them, teasing them every chance they get, and being protective as well. Gimme all the feels!

- 5 times someone walked in on Grim and Rocky, and 1 time no one did,
- Rocky notices that his stories make Grim smile, so he comes up with the most wild and outrageous tales whenever he thinks Grim needs cheering up,
- a story of how Rocky learned to never bet against Grim.


I’m a Samson fan, and I wish there were more fics about him. He’s such an interesting character! I’d love to see fics about the interactions between him and m!Cadash (might be canon, might be canon divergence), because there is so much potential for great storylines!

Additional cookie points if you write about Samson being the Commander of the Inquisition.

- it took Commander Samson a really long time to realize that m!Cadash was flirting with him,
- m!Cadash asks Commander Samson to dance with him during the ball at the Winter Palace,
- huddling for warmth.


I developed a huge soft spot for Sutherland and Company, and I wish we could interact with them more in the game. They all seem like really great people to hang out with. I like the idea of f!Cadash hanging out with Sutherland’s Company, and with Rat, and both of them developing feelings for one another.

- f!Cadash wants to take Rat on a date, but it turns out she needs some help figuring out the details of her plan,
- f!Cadash teaches Rat how to use (a weapon of author’s choice),
- first kiss.


Ser Cauthrien is another great character that did not get enough screentime in the game. It would have been amazing to see her interact with the Warden more. It’d be lovely to see their interactions outside of the whole Landsmeet situation and the confrontation at the Arl of Redcliffe's Estate.

- the moment Cauthrien and f!Brosca find out that they make quite a good team,
- Ser Cauthrien joins f!Brosca’s team as one of the companions,
- f!Brosca and Ser Cauthrien meet again after the events of Origins or Awakening (author’s choice).


I loved all the interactions between Sketch and Tug in Leliana's Song, and I wish we could have seen more, honestly. I also wish we knew more about how they met and about their journeys taking place before the DLC.

- AU in which Tug survives and finds Sketch after the events of the DLC or after DAII (maybe he saves Sketch from another group of assassins?),
- Tug notices that Sketch always sleeps better when he's near,
- 5 times they accidentally cuddled, and 1 time it was not an accident at all.

That’s it, I think. Thank you again for signing up for the exchange, and I hope you'll enjoy it :)

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