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Dear Author Letter (Black Emporium 2021 Exchange)

(A letter for Black Emporium 2021)

Hello, Author!

Thanks for taking part in this lovely exchange! In the post below you'll find more about my likes and dislikes, and also some prompts (in case you need inspiration - feel free to mix and match). I hope you'll find the information helpful!

My general likes and dislikes:

LIKES: fluff, hurt/comfort, humour, action/adventure, friendships, found families, fics about asexuality/asexual characters, AUs (especially library/bookshop!AU, flower shop!AU, werewolf!AU) and happy endings.
For ship!fics, my favourite tropes are: first times, fake relationships becoming real, resolved misunderstandings, banter, meeting the family/friends, and curtain!fics. For polyamorous ships I prefer all people involved to be in a relationship together.

DO NOT WANTS: Rape/non-con, queerphobia, genderbend, slave!fic, omega!verse, pregnancies, character/ship bashing, underage, abusive relationships presented as romantic, infidelity, harming/death of animals (including hunting etc.), heavy angst without happy ending, unrequited love, de-aging, historical AUs, major character death/death!fic, break up!fic, amnesia!fic.

DRAGON AGE specific DO NOT WANTS: Cullen Rutherford and Cullen ships, siding with templars, Alistair/Warden, female!Hawke, Fenris/Isabela, Anders being dead, Bull’s Chargers being dead

Pairings (in alphabetical order):


There just isn't enough of fics about those three. Think of the banter, all the teasing, the misunderstandings, and all the feels! I'd love to see fics about Bull, Dorian, and Blackwall navigating their relationship.

- when Blackwall was asked to join Bull and Dorian in their room, Blackwall assumed it was only about sex for them. After a (mission/incident of author's choice) he learned that it was not only about sex for any of them,
- Dorian enjoys watching Blackwall and Bull sparring/training together,
- after a few busy weeks/months, when Blackwall, Dorian, and Bull finally have a chance to spend a few days together, one of them prepares a surprise for his boyfriends.


I saw this ship on the list, and I got curious. For some reason I never thought about those two together, and I honestly have no idea why. I love Carver and I love Samson, so it makes perfect sense to ship it! I'd love to read a fic about them together.

- (post-DAII) instead of joining the Templars or Corypheus, Samson joins the Wardens and meets Carver again,
- AU in which Carver and Samson stay in Kirkwall to help Aveline handle everything, and they both join the City Guard. Feelings happen,
- Carver introduces Samson as his boyfriend to a family member/friend of author's choice (preference for Garrett Hawke).


Requesting this ship is basically me being curious once again. I love Krem and Blackwall, and I wish we got to see them interact in the game. It'd be interesting to see how they work together.

- after his judgement, Blackwall didn't become a Warden. He joined the Bull's Chargers instead. He already had feelings for Krem before that, but he never allowed himself to do anything about it. Until Krem made the first move,
- 5 times Blackwall almost asked Krem out on a date, and 1 time he finally did,
- tattoo parlor!AU.


I'm convinced Krem/Cole is one of the cutest ships I've ever shipped, and it'd be great to see a lot of fluff and cuteness in fic form. Krem helping Cole learn about being human, Cole falling in love with Krem, maybe Cole and Krem being lovingly teased by the Chargers? I love all that.

- bakery!AU,
- Cole practices gift giving,
- Krem and Cole are in a relationship, and Cole learns how to handle his emotions (desire, love, happiness, protectiveness, jealousy, etc.)


I still remember falling in love with Herren and Wade almost instantly. They were one of my first actual ships in this fandom, so imagine how happy I had been when I found out that they're actually together. I just wish there were more fics about them.

- first time saying "I love you",
- after Awakening Wade and Herren go to (a city of author's choice). Turns out a lot of people want to buy equipment made by a blacksmith who had worked with the Warden. Herren sees that Wade is overworking himself and gets worried,
- one day Herren saves Wade from (a danger of author's choice), and gets hurt in the process. Wade gets scared and a little overprotective. Lots of hurt/comfort, please.


As I already mentioned above, I’m a Samson fan, and I wish there were more fics about him. I never considered shipping Bull/Samson before, but once I saw it on the list of nominated ships I just knew I had to request it. There are so many possibilities for great fics!

Additional cookie points if you write about Samson being the Commander of the Inquisition.

- Commander Samson finds Bull's, well, everything, very distracting. Bull knows that and shows off on purpose,
- Bull finds out that Samson gets anxiety attacks. One happens when Samson and Bull are together (hurt/comfort),
- Samson has a crush on Bull. Samson is also asexual, and he (wrongly) assumes that Bull wouldn't be interested in him, so he tries, and fails, to not think about his crush too much.


There aren't many m!Inquisitor/Blackwall fics, but especially m!Adaar/Blackwall fics. It's such a cute ship, and I'd love to read anything sweet and fun about them, honestly.

- 5 times they accidentally cuddled, and 1 time it was not an accident at all,
- dancing together during the ball at the Winter Palace,
- one day, after Blackwall slips while climbing down a ladder, he falls straight into m!Adaar's arms. He learns that he might have a thing for the Inquisitor.


Here is another Samson ship, because I just couldn't help myself. It'd be lovely to see a fic about those two, be it canon or AU setting. I just love the idea of them together.

- m!Adaar introduces his boyfriend, Commander Samson, to his parents,
- AU in which Samson (and Maddox) never join Corypheus and travel to Skyhold instead, to look for protection. Samson never expected to develop a crush on the Inquisitor. Bonus points if m!Adaar assumes Samson and Maddox are lovers, but it turns out Samson is just very protective of his friend,
- m!Adaar is the most tactile and affectionate person Samson has ever met, and Samson finds it difficult to get used to that, because he doesn't think he deserves it.


Another ship I never considered shipping before, but I'm very curious about. There is potential for so much drama and so many misunderstandings, and even more drama! I love the idea of those three interacting, especially post-canon.

- Anora finds out that her father is in a relationship with Zevran and m!Amell (bonus points for Anora walking in on them),
- when Zevran told m!Amell that he had a surprise for him, m!Amell didn't expect to find Loghain in their bedroom,
- a story of how Loghain learned to never bet against m!Amell and/or Zevran.


I'm the one who created a tag for this ship on AO3, that's how much I love it. I find them adorable and interesting, and it'd be fun to see some more fics about them. Sutherland and Company hanging out with m!Lavellan, adventuring together, having quality time, all of it sounds lovely to me.

- m!Lavellan comes out as asexual to his boyfriend,
- it took m!Lavellan a long time to realize that Sutherland was flirting with him,
- Sutherland thinks he's not good enough for the Inquisitor. m!Lavellan proves him wrong.

That would be all, I believe. And again, thank you so much for signing up for the exchange. I already can't wait to see your work!

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